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To find someone to unlock the lock: both the permit

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-04
Unlocking industry can not only help the masses, but also directly affect the safety of people's life and property. But in recent years, with the rapid development of unlocking industry, there are also blind dissemination of unlocking technology, such as unlocking without checking the verification piece and without certificate. However, in recent years, with the rapid development of the unlocking industry, the unlocking technology has been blindly spread, without checking documents, unlocking without certificates, etc. Yesterday, the city's open door security management unlocking technical personnel training will start from 105 unlocking technical personnel of 47 unlocking companies in the city to participate in the training and receive work cards, and the city's open technical personnel certificate system will be implemented. Recently, the cardholder of a city's 105 unlocking technician has detected a batch of theft cases in a city's Public Security Bureau. Three people are not engaged in unlocking the criminal suspects in the industry. They use their own learning technology to steal property worth 70000 yuan. It is not hard to see that once the unlocking technology is spread to criminals, it will seriously endanger people's lives and property. In order to prevent the blind spread of unlocking technology, on October 15, the Municipal Public Security Bureau carried out a special action of cleaning up the lock industry for nearly a month, and carried out a comprehensive investigation. It is forbidden to open the business department without license and the unauthorized unlocking technology training institutions. During this period, the municipal public security organ unlocked the fingerprint and DNA information collection of technical personnel, entered the site, screened the first batch of 105 unlocking technical personnel training of 47 unlocking company, and issued a two-year unlocking technical personnel job certificate. If you want to unlock, choose a regular company and prepare relevant documents, the reporter of Luoyang evening news saw yesterday that the background of the unlocked technician's work card is blue, and the technician's name, photo, document number, contact number, service space, identity number, validity and other information are printed on the front, and the lock service requirements and processes printed on the back are also printed. According to the requirements, before unlocking, the unlocking technician shall show his identity card, unlock the appointment card of the technician and unlock the service record form. When unlocking, there must be a third party witness. After the lock is opened, the technician, customer, supervisor and witness shall sign on the lock service record for confirmation. The person applying for unlocking shall show my ID card, real estate license and other valid certificates. The unlocking property company or neighborhood employees shall be more than the neighbors on site. After unlocking, the unlocking technician needs to register the information of service object, unlocking location, unlocking technician information and other details. If the person applying for unlocking is a tenant, he / she must present the house rental contract; if the account is not in the city, he / she shall present the temporary residence permit; if the vehicle is unlocked, he / she shall issue his / her own driving license, driving license and other valid certificates. If Volkswagen wants to unlock and change locks, it can call 110 to find the public security organ to officially lock the company. Before unlocking, you must check the relevant documents, unlock the technical personnel, and do not trust the street of the small advertisement in a cheap way; if you find that the other party is suspected to be illegal, you should call 110 immediately. 3. The 'level' of lock is too low. Pay close attention to the 'upgrade' column. In addition to unlocking the company's regular choice, the public should do a good job in prevention, and do not think that everything is going well for the safety door. At present, the anti-theft lock core in the market is divided into class A, class B, super class B and class C. Built in many areas, the lock with unified configuration has poor protection for A-level or B-level anti-theft lock cylinder, including ordinary one inch lock, cross lock, and only a few minutes of technical opening. When the public chooses the lock, they can see that there are many key 'teeth' - many teeth, many alveoli, the more complex the arrangement is, the more difficult it is to open, and the better the anti-theft performance. In addition, the selection should be a good door lock - cylinder with good electroplating quality, smooth surface and bright color; this is dark yellow copper, which is stronger and has better anti-theft performance. 'To replace the B-level lock cylinder, you can keep the original lock' frame ', only the lock cylinder can be replaced, and can be updated and upgraded to Super B or C-level in time. The anti-theft door has two key protections. In addition to replacing the more secure lock cylinder, the anti-theft door also needs two key protections. Many security doors are equipped with cat eyes, but most of them can be pried off. The thief can put special tools into the house from the hole where the cat's eye is installed, and then open the door. To eliminate this potential safety hazard, you can install a small device in the cat's eye - this is a diamond shaped stainless steel plate, which can be fixed on the anti-theft door. If someone knocks on the door, the household can only pull up the stainless steel plate to see the situation outside the door. In addition, a strong keyhole panel is also important. Guo Jianjun said that at present, the lock eye panel on the anti-theft door mostly uses 1mm iron plate, which can be easily damaged by thieves. It is suggested that the public should select the thickened stainless steel locking eye panel to increase the safety factor of the anti-theft door.
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