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Today, the trend of intelligence, how to choose a home smart lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
Different from the traditional mechanical lock, the intelligent door lock is a composite lock with safety, convenience and advanced technology. Compared with the traditional mechanical lock, the intelligent lock door opening process is faster and more convenient, and it can be opened easily with only one finger, it subverts the traditional way of unlocking. Nowadays, there are a variety of smart locks in the world. The expensive ones are close to tens of thousands, and the cheaper ones are eight hundred. How do consumers choose smart locks, today, we will make a detailed analysis and explanation of Samsung smart locks, which are more representative on the market. One. Unlocking Method, unlocking method is the basic function of smart lock, the smart lock on the market is basically the same, password, magnetic card, fingerprint, Bluetooth, some consumers worry that Bluetooth unlocking will be attacked by hackers to open the house, bluetooth unlocking uses Bluetooth wireless technology. When adding a Lock Device Manager, you must open Bluetooth for operation. It is limited by distance and does not connect to the network. In fact, the security and confidentiality are very high. II. Security is the top priority of smart locks. Due to too many unlocking methods, consumers are worried, as if the more unlocking methods, the more unsafe the door is. In fact, the principles of passwords and magnetic cards are the same as keys, as long as you don't tell others, others will naturally not be able to enter. On the password unlock, Samsung Smart Lock uses a floating security code, that is, a virtual password. Considering that when consumers enter a password, someone will peep, therefore, consumers will be allowed to enter two numbers randomly before entering the password to unlock the lock, greatly improving the security. If they are still worried, they can adopt the double guarantee mode, I . e. password, fingerprint/magnetic card unlocking mode, whether it is from convenience or confidentiality, smart locks kill traditional mechanical locks. Three. Intelligence, intelligence is an important factor in judging the advantages and disadvantages of smart locks. Samsung smart locks have been at the forefront in this respect. There are several prominent functions: home reminder, after the family arrives home, SMS notification to other family members; Access query records- Users can query access records at any time through the Smart Lock APP on their mobile phones; Fire detection- The intelligent lock detects the abnormal high temperature in the room and will automatically open the door lock. These functions not only facilitate the daily use of the family, but also improve the safety of the family to a certain extent, give full play to the role of the lock. Four. Appearance, although the performance of the smart lock is the most important, consumers still can't get rid of it' The habit of choosing the right smart lock from the appearance also urges the smart lock manufacturer to spare no effort in appearance while performing well, taking Samsung as an example, from the minimalist wind to the high-end atmospheric wind with smooth lines, there is no smart lock that can match Samsung's Smart Lock in appearance and has always been the face value of the smart lock, samsung smart lock once took the German IF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award and American IDEA three design awards in one breath, which can be described as a grand slam.
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