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Trend development and problem analysis of the smart lock industry in 2019

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-16
With the development of the Internet of Things, smart homes are becoming more and more popular, and the application requirements for smart door locks are gradually increasing. According to different unlocking methods, smart door locks can be divided into fingerprint locks, password locks, remote control locks, and induction locks. According to data from the National Lock Industry Information Center, the national demand for smart locks was 2 million sets in 2015, 3 million sets in 2016, and soared to 8 million sets in 2017. With the continuous development and improvement of smart door locks, the smart door lock market will be further opened. It is estimated that the demand for smart locks in China in 2018 will be about 13 million sets. By 2019, the market demand for smart locks will exceed 20 million sets. New technology application products such as fingerprint recognition, mobile phone unlocking, iris unlocking, mobile phone remote alarm, ID card unlocking, and networked smart door locks have come out one after another, making the functions and applications of smart locks more abundant and diversified. The development is synchronized. After more than ten years of continuous development in my country's smart lock industry, smart lock functions continue to increase. Post-80s and post-90s have a more favorable impression of smart locks, which is only one step away from popularization. At present, national income has increased and consumption has been upgraded, and the blowout of China's smart lock market has reached a critical point and is about to fully explode. However, the smart lock market has a bright future, but safety is still being questioned. In order to better meet the needs of consumers and protect the rights and interests of consumers, smart lock manufacturers should increase research and development in security and produce more competitive products. Consumers should also be vigilant when using smart locks, and take good care of the information identification card to prevent illegal reading and copying. Recently, smart door locks have been hotly searched again, and the cause is that there are several videos on the Internet that use 'small black boxes' to open smart door locks. It is reported that the technical term for the small black box is called Tesla coil, which can generate a strong electromagnetic field at the moment of opening, which interferes with the internal circuit of the door lock, thereby opening the smart lock. The National General Electronic Components and Product Quality Inspection Center conducted risk monitoring on 38 brands and 40 models of smart door locks. Among them, 15% of smart locks can be opened by a small black box. Relieved. For the door lock industry, product safety and stability, and quality first is always the most important. And can not choose product quality for convenience. This time, some manufacturers believe that their locks are considered safe without being cracked by the small black box. This perception is wrong. Because Xiaohei Merge is not a standard detection tool, at best it can be regarded as an unlocking tool. A lock must be professionally tested to be assured of consumers. Due to the rapid development of the current smart lock industry, the industry lacks uniform standards. Many smart lock companies often neglect the inspection and testing of their products before they leave the factory. Since its establishment, Fuyu regards quality as the soul of enterprise development and survival. For more than 30 years, Fuyu has continuously introduced precision machinery manufacturing technology and high-tech inspection instruments to ensure product quality. In the testing process, Fuyu Hardware Company requires that each batch of products must undergo pre-process inspection, process inspection, post-process inspection, and pass the 100 grid test, durability test, hardness test, acetone test, color difference analysis test, UV test and A series of tests such as salt spray test ensure that the quality is foolproof.
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