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Trying is an attitude | Fuyu Six Eyes Tianshun Smart Cloud Lock Use Experience

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-26
This Fuyu six-eye Tianshun smart cloud lock has a red bronze color, calm and generous, and a zinc alloy shell with a die-casting one-piece body. It is different from traditional mechanical locks. It is more intelligent and humane in terms of user identification, security, and management. Through the password Or fingerprint input to control the closing of the circuit mechanical switch to complete unlocking and locking tasks. It adopts high-tech biological fingerprint recognition technology to prevent clone fingerprints from being opened. It has passed the evaluation of fingerprint algorithm software of the bullet management cabinet of the Ministry of Public Security. It is safe and reliable to use and achieves public security level security. High technology content, barrier-free fingerprint recognition for all ages from 7 to 70 years old, fast scanning and image trial learning new neural network algorithm, which can accurately determine the depth of fingerprints, growth and skin dryness, the error rate is less than 0.0001%; u200bu200bfingertips One touch, automatically wake up the fingerprint to unlock, the time is less than 0.5 seconds. Automatic identification of virtual passwords to prevent password leakage. We can use 4-8 digits passwords, that is, when entering the password to unlock, you can enter 0-14 digits before the correct password, and 0-unlimited digits after the correct password; fingerprint + Digital password, fingerprint + fingerprint candidate 2 combinations to open the door, open two-factor authentication protection, to prevent the risk of theft. Selected UL94VO grade fireproof materials, rain-proof and moisture-proof seal design, salt spray resistance and corrosion resistance; adopt zinc alloy, acrylic panel after physical level deep polishing, nano-level tough electroplating process, effectively prevent fingerprint residues and prevent fading; super certified by the public security department The C-level lock cylinder and the door lock strength are B-level, both of the highest level, which strongly protects our safety. It is self-evident that Fuyu Six Eyes Tianshun Smart Lock brings convenience to my life. No need to bring keys anymore; no need to worry about lost or broken keys; kids don’t need to hang keys on their necks when going to school and after school; family members don’t need to have a key for each person; no need to worry about going out to take out the trash and wind blowing shut the door; let alone You need your family to get up in the middle of the night to open the door; guests can add fingerprints at any time, or delete them at any time; no longer have to worry about friends coming into your house by borrowing keys to do business; part-time workers or babysitters do not need to change the lock after leaving the job, just remove the fingerprints . Say goodbye to the thief, and at the same time bought an insurance for our property. Neighbors in the neighborhood will be envious. Having such a good lock, such a high-end atmosphere, invisibly improves our identity, and improves the overall standard of living and quality. Fuyu six-eye Tianshun smart cloud lock has higher security than ordinary mechanical locks. The keys of ordinary mechanical locks can be copied. The owner is not assured after others use it. The fingerprint is unique. There are no two identical fingerprints in the world; Ordinary mechanical locks are more practical. We don’t have to carry the key with us, and it is a key that will never be lost. A person’s fingerprint will remain the same for life. One fingerprint input can be used for life, and a person can input fingerprints of different fingers, which can be opened by touching it. Reverse mention is lock. Secondly, the storage quantity is also very large, which can hold 200 fingerprints and 8 sets of passwords; it has strong scalability, and can register and input fingerprints, delete fingerprints at will, and it is very convenient to manage fingerprints. Compared with ordinary mechanical locks, no preparation is required. The trouble of key and retrieving keys is especially suitable for office buildings and rental houses. Long-term maintenance-free, ordinary mechanical locks have a short service life, and are prone to failure during use, and have to break in. The fingerprint smart lock will not have the above problems. Advantages of trial experience: 1. Beautiful and elegant; 2. Convenient and practical, saving all kinds of troubles with keys; 3. C-class anti-theft lock cylinder is strong to protect our safety; 4. Intelligent linkage, intelligent control APP to keep abreast of the home dynamics ; 5. It has a smart alarm system; 6. It has a large amount of storage, long-term maintenance-free, and strong scalability. Disadvantages: So far, no shortcomings have been found. Buy Fuyu Six Eyes Tianshun purchase link
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