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Two smart locks will be released within one month. Xiaomi will step up IOT ecological layout

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
On November 28, Xiaomi held the 2018MIDC Xiaomi AIoT developer conference in Beijing, at which Xiaomi announced the launch of the MiJia smart door lock, featuring integrated living fingerprint identification, multiple unlocking methods and Mijia App linkage. It is understood that this is already the second smart door lock launched by Mijia this month. With the help of intelligent door locks to leverage the industry pattern, Xiaomi's intention to step up the layout of IOT is obvious. At the beginning of the month, Xiaomi eco-chain enterprise Luke launched a new internet brand OJJ on the Xiaomi product platform. The first OJJ X1 crowdfunding price was 999 yuan. As the first thousand yuan smart lock on Xiaomi platform, OJJ's market performance is worthy of recognition. According to Lu Ke's official sources, as of November 14, the crowdfunding was closed, and OJJ X1's crowdfunding amount exceeded 14 million, with a target achievement rate exceeding 7200%, in the Xiaomi product platform, it won the Double 11 sales list, the crowdfunding list, and the new product list. This time Xiaomi officially launched the first smart door lock independently developed, no matter from the password area setting, pressing handle, fingerprint module, logo position, built-in handle anti-theft switch and other appearance designs, they are highly consistent with OJJ; In terms of functional experience, Xiaomi intelligent door lock has a true ferrule C- class intelligent lock cylinder, which supports unlocking methods such as password, Bluetooth, living fingerprint, etc. and Mijia App intelligent Unicom, continuing OJJ's product advantages; In addition, according to 1099- Judging from the price of 1299, it also belongs to the-yuan intelligent door lock series. It can launch two thousand-yuan smart locks in just one month, and there is no difference in appearance and quality. It can be seen that Xiaomi attaches great importance to the smart door lock, a smart home entry product. Analysts believe that Xiaomi's move is to speed up the pace of IOT layout with the help of the popularity of smart door locks. At the press conference, Lei 2014 said that Xiaomi Group has supported nearly 2000 devices since, with more than 1. Smart device connections. 3. 2 billion units. At the same time, Xiaomi has added IOT ecology through cooperation with Ikea and independent research and development of intelligent door locks. Shortly after Xiaomi started to start IOT, mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, Meizu, vivo and Yijia all set foot in IOT industry one after another, and the competition in the industry was extremely fierce. How to break the game and how to lead has become the key to Xiaomi's successful transformation to the ecological chain. Different from other mobile phone factories, Xiaomi not only meets the user's choice of brand through cooperation, but also takes into account independent research and development. In the choice of categories, Xiaomi has accelerated the growth of IOT ecology through the strategy of laying out explosive smart products. From the launch of the smart door lock, we can see that Xiaomi wants to use the smart door lock to attract users to buy in the past two years, in order to enrich the smart home product matrix. However, for entry-level smart home products with extremely high safety requirements, is Xiaomi smart door lock fully prepared? Still waiting for the test of the market.
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