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Unlock the building 'black technology', Dahua shares released 10-inch white face unit door machine

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-19
With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, biometric identification is popular with users because of its uniqueness that cannot be copied and its security, reliability and accuracy. With the implementation of smart cities, smart communities and safe communities in the intelligent building industry, biometric technology requirements have become standard in the industry. In order to create a warm, comfortable and convenient modern intelligent community environment system in an all-round way, dahua shares 10-inch white face unit door machine came into being, taking you into the era of face brushing. Highlight advantage powerful face recognition a face recognition solution based on deep learning technology that supports live detection; Can be quickly identified, the recognition speed reaches 0. 5 seconds; Accurate Recognition, recognition rate>99%, identification distance 0. 3-2 m; The face capacity is up to 10000. High-Definition Monitoring Camera 2 million CMOS high-definition low-distortion lens, which can be intelligently LED supplementary lighting according to ambient light. The high-performance processor adopts high-performance embedded dual-core processor, and the system runs stably and efficiently. The simple and fashionable appearance adopts metal frosted craft frame and tempered glass panel, 10-inch high-definition full-color display screen, high-sensitivity capacitive touch screen, high-end atmosphere and fashion sense. Functional Features 1. Visual intercom can be connected with indoor machines, management machines, platforms and other equipment to form a visual intercom system to realize functions such as calling, intercom, monitoring and unlocking with indoor machines or management machines. 2. The door-opening mode supports seven door-opening modes: swipe card, remote, password, two-dimensional code, Bluetooth, fingerprint and face recognition. 3. The APP application is matched with Dahua smart community APP, which can realize Bluetooth and two-dimensional code to open the door. At the same time, the indoor unit can be transferred to the mobile phone APP when there is no response, thus realizing the functions of remote answering, remote opening the door, receiving alarm information, etc. 4. The 10-inch high-definition display screen for information playback can display video and audio advertisements and text announcements issued by the property, and can be played by time period and cycle. 5. Human body proximity induction when the distance between the human body and the door machine is less than 1 m, the proximity induction is automatically started and the equipment enters the face recognition interface. 6. The alarm function supports anti-disassembly alarm, door magnetic alarm and coercion password unlocking alarm, and reports the alarm information to the management center. 7. Automatic snapshot automatically captures pictures and uploads them to the management center during unlocking or intercom, and records complete information at all times. 8. Elevator control can be linked with ladder control equipment to realize the functions of owner's call, visitor's call and ladder control floor authority distribution. 9. The access control function can be connected to the electric lock and the door button to realize the access control function. The application scenario is applicable to high-rise residential buildings, villas, communities, apartments, rental communities, office buildings and other scenarios. It can recognize the face, and can verify the fingerprint security. Dahua shares 10-inch white face unit door machine, open a new experience of recognition!
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