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Unlock the door, thief enters the room, monitor

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-03
On the morning of August 7, Mr. Sun, the reader, reported to this newspaper that his family had been 'visited' by thieves at about 4 a.m. and that thieves had been monitored and photographed in the process of changing walls, changing clothes and picking locks. He hoped that the general public would be more vigilant, pay attention to property safety and upgrade the locks in time. Master Huang, the lock changing master under the banner of 114, has long provided super-B multiple double-sided blade lock cores and blade lock cores. At 2:00 p.m. on the 7th, the reporter met Mr. Sun in a three-story house in Zhongxian village near Meiyuan Road, Haikou City. He told reporters that at 4:50 a.m. on August 7, when he went to the bathroom, he walked through the living room and looked at the monitoring screen habitually. Mr. Sun saw a man in front of the iron door on the screen, who had not opened the door for two minutes. Mr. Sun quickly woke up his sleeping wife to identify whether the man was a tenant or not. When his wife saw it, she immediately said, 'it's a thief!' at this time, Mr. Sun picked up the stick and continued to observe the thief on the balcony. At 4:59, the thief finally opened the iron door and slipped out of the yard gate. At about 9 a.m., Mr. Sun learned from his neighbors that they had been patronized by thieves and 150 yuan of cash had been stolen. 'Last year, a thief climbed up my balcony and ran to my neighbor's house to steal. So, in July, I spent 1800 yuan and asked the security company to install a surveillance camera at home. Unexpectedly, in less than one month, a thief came to pry the door. ' Mr. Sun pointed to the monitoring screen. The reporter watched the surveillance video: at 4:43 a.m. that day, a man wearing black short sleeves climbed over the 1.6-meter-high wall, quickly opened the yard door and crept close to the first floor window. At 4:45, the man took out his clothes from his trouser pocket, took off his black coat and put on his short white sleeves. At 4:47, the man bent down the upper part of his body, walked barefoot through the corridor and watched the surroundings with alert. Then, the man came to the iron door, took out the card from the right pocket to test the door lock, and then took out the tools from the right pocket, but the door lock of the iron door was never opened. At this time, the man did not appear impatient, he was carrying a small flashlight in his mouth, two hands from his pocket constantly changing tools, but repeatedly tossed for more than 10 minutes did not open the door. At 4:59, the man slipped through the courtyard gate. Mr. Sun didn't call the police because he thought the thief was trying to steal. He hoped that through this newspaper appeal, hoped that the general public can raise vigilance, pays attention to the property security. Dial 114 to replace the B-lock! Master Huang, the lock service center of master Huang's, upgraded the anti-theft lock for the public and replaced it with a 270 minute super-B lock cylinder
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