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Unmanned smart hotel strikes, another field changed by technology

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
Following the unmanned business, the concept of unmanned industry is also quietly emerging in the hotel industry, thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, smart home, Internet of Things and other technologies, as well as the smart upgrade of the hotel industry, at present, in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu and other cities, there are already alternatives that focus on the concept of unmanned wisdom'Hotel settled City corner. Mobile phone opening, face brushing, voice control room TV, lighting, air conditioning, curtains, etc, these processes that require staff assistance in traditional hotels can now be self-help or autonomous based on the intelligent hotel system, and these technological elements have also become the powder of unmanned hotels'Sharp weapon. Different from the unattended concept created by the shared sleep warehouse in the shared economy period, the unmanned smart hotel that emerged at the beginning of this year is based on the original framework of traditional business or economy hotels, new technological elements have been added, such as face recognition, intelligent guest room control system, intelligent door lock, etc. On the one hand, it can bring users an intelligent, convenient and efficient occupancy experience; on the other hand, it can also save a lot of manpower for the hotel. In fact, the realization of unmanned hotels is to replace a series of processes that need staff to complete in traditional hotels through various technical means, including check-in processing, room card distribution, room service, check-out procedures and other links, among the unmanned smart hotels in Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, face recognition check-in and intelligent comprehensive control system are two typical innovative technology applications. The biggest difference between a face recognition check-in smart hotel and a traditional hotel is that it does not set up a front desk. When guests check in, they can do it on the self-service check-in machine. Users only need to use WeChat to scan the check-in QR code on the self-service machine ( Or enter the order number for previously scheduled users) , Read the ID card information, arouse face recognition, the verification of the person's card will be synchronized to the hotel management system, obtain the room number and the room unlock password, and complete the check-in after the verification is successful, the whole process is less than 1 minute. The smart door lock opens with a mobile phone. After the check-in is completed, you do not need to take the room card but open the door through the mobile phone. At present, there are also hotels that can realize face recognition GPS based on intelligent door lock system'Fingerprint GPS'And brush ID card' Three ways to open the door to build a stronger security line. Intelligent room control system, front face brushing and mobile phone opening are just appetizers for unmanned smart hotels' What really determines the accommodation experience lies in the quality of room service, including room environment, supporting equipment, cleaning services, etc. So, under the condition of unmanned, how should these be guaranteed? In the existing scheme, there are mainly two ways: one is based on full-automatic induction, and the lights, televisions and air conditioners are automatically turned on after entering the room, when the system senses that the guest has entered a state of rest or sleep, it will automatically turn off the lighting, reduce the sound of the TV, and adjust the air conditioner to the most suitable temperature; One is controlled by an intelligent guest room system, through which users can independently control the switching status, brightness and temperature of lighting, curtains, televisions, air conditioners and other equipment in the room through the system platform. In this unmanned smart hotel in Hangzhou, users can also interact with the smart speakers in the room and control the curtain lighting and electrical equipment in the room through voice. Several special modes are also set in the room. For example, when the viewing mode is turned on, the curtains will automatically close and turn on the soft light. The viewing light source allows you to experience the feeling of home theater; Sleep mode, the room enters a state of no light source, and the curtains are automatically closed; In the night mode, after getting out of bed, after the ground senses the pressure, it will automatically light up the ground light that does not affect the human eye. These application scenarios must have been heard and experienced in the field of smart home. Now, with the rise of unmanned smart hotels, it has also aroused the attention of more users. Under the fierce competition in the industry market, it is an inevitable trend for traditional hotels to upgrade to smart hotels. Under such a trend, the occupancy of intelligent guest room control system will also become popular, which is conducive to the intelligent management of the hotel itself, it is a good choice to improve the user's accommodation experience. In the request to clean the room, the customer can still place an order through the room control system' Operation, the system will send the information that needs to be cleaned to the hotel room, and the room will go to the corresponding room to clean. In the final check-out session, the customer also only needs to operate a one-button check-out on the mobile phone to pay the room rate. Because it is built with a credit system, it does not set a deposit, and can check out with one click. Summary, there is no front desk and service personnel. For some customers who are accustomed to the traditional service mode, it may take time to adapt, but the emergence of no smart hotel, it is also the enlightenment of intelligent technology to the traditional hotel industry. Science and technology change life. As consumers, we will have more and more profound experience!
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