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Upgrade of a large number of anti-theft door locks

by:FUYU     2020-03-06
Because the purchase price of c-lock is 4-5 times or 7-8 times of a-lock, most of the commercial housing installed by real estate developers are a-lock. And since the C-class lock has just come out and just entered the consumer market, the proportion of high-performance anti-theft locks in the original housing is only a small part. And most a-lock users don't know that the anti-theft door lock they use is so vulnerable, even in 3-5 seconds, a stranger can enter the house in a relatively slow time. If the owner knows this in advance and spends hundreds of yuan to change the lock, he will not lose tens of thousands of yuan or hundreds of thousands of yuan. The media and experts said that 'the security door is a virtual' is not an exaggeration. In fact, the anti-theft function upgrade of the lock is very simple, just need to change the lock cylinder. When a thief sees it, he will stay away from it, and he will leave when he knows it.
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