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Walk into the Fuyu smart lock manufacturing workshop and explore the charm of precision manufacturing of smart fingerprint locks

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-25
With the improvement of the living conditions of Chinese households, the concept of smart home is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Smart fingerprint locks are the first entrance to smart homes. Fingerprint locks are slowly entering people's lives and are increasingly favored and loved by consumers. But at present, fingerprint locks are a considerable expense for many ordinary families. Many consumers feel that they are expensive when buying fingerprint locks. So, how expensive is smart fingerprint locks compared to mechanical locks? How to choose a reliable fingerprint lock brand? Next, we will uncover how the fingerprint lock was born, and what are the characteristics of its manufacturing process and craftsmanship? Fuyu Smart Lock Ningbo Fuyu Hardware Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer with 38 years of hardware door lock manufacturing experience, has world-class hardware processing technology and modern automatic production lines, as well as a national product testing laboratory. Fuyu is known as an excellent precision manufacturer of hardware products in China. It provides electronic locks, fingerprint locks and smart locks OEM manufacturing for the century-old brand Yale of locks. At the same time, it serves international brand customers such as ASSA ABLOY, ERA, FABu0026FIX, TOTO, American Standard , Kohler, IKEA, etc. Next, we walked into the Fuyu Hardware Manufacturing Base to explore the manufacturing process of fingerprint locks: 1: The raw materials of the fingerprint lock body tested by the raw material laboratory are generally zinc alloy or stainless steel. Fuyu Hardware needs to pass each batch of raw materials before production. Laboratory spectral testing ensures that the materials used in each product meet the national standards, and never cut corners and shoddy goods. For example, Fuyu requires that each zinc ingot be of the same size and weight, and the surface of the product is smooth, without obvious sand holes, and no deformation. Two: Mold processing line The mold processing line is the starting point of the entire production line. Fuyu Hardware is equipped with world-leading mold manufacturing equipment. All molds are researched, matched and debugged here to ensure that all molds are accurate in size, thereby ensuring the stability of production. Three: Fully automatic die-casting assembly line Fully automatic die-casting of Fuyu Hardware can realize large-scale production of products. The automatic feeding system of the central furnace adopts the most advanced process design in the world today, with uniform temperature control, and energy saving and environmental protection during the production process. The lock shell adopts a one-time die-casting process. This process increases the difficulty of die-casting and the requirements for the plate, which can effectively strengthen the product strength, thereby ensuring the safety of the product to the greatest extent, and taking into account the perfect overall appearance. Its materials generally use zinc alloy and stainless steel. Zinc alloy has good ductility and plasticity and is a common material used in the fingerprint lock industry. Stainless steel has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and durability. Four: After the machining and die-casting is completed, the shell will be sent to the machining process. Fuyu has first-class equipment such as fully automatic tapping machine, multi-head brick bed, intelligent CNC lathe, etc. to fully realize the efficient and stable production of machining links. Five: The polishing treatment of the shell of the automatic polishing assembly line consists of several important processes such as surface cleaning, grinding, polishing and anticorrosion treatment. Perhaps everyone has their own understanding of the role of polishing, but the two core points are self-evident, beauty and anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection. Polishing can fully ensure the color, corrosion resistance, pollution resistance and other characteristics of the ticket. In order to ensure the quality of the entire polishing process, after polishing, each product is manually inspected one by one, and any small flaws will not be overlooked, which is more detailed than mechanical inspection. Six: Fully automatic electroplating assembly line, electrophoresis assembly line, and pvd vacuum coating assembly line. The surface of the product is treated with seven-layer electroplating process technology to ensure the texture and corrosion resistance. The fully automatic electroplating assembly line imported from abroad by Fuyu Hardware is operated by senior electroplaters. The production management is unified and standardized, the production efficiency is efficient and stable, the electroplating level leads the industry, and the product quality is first-class and stable. The modern automatic electrophoresis assembly line adopts the world's latest surface treatment technology, which is of high quality and highly environmentally friendly. The modern PVD vacuum coating line makes the surface of the product healthy and safe, with rich colors, and can achieve a variety of special coatings such as titanium and zirconium plating, making the product performance even better. Seven: Electronic workshop: The standardized production electronics department is one of the most important departments in the entire production process. It is responsible for the safe operation of the fingerprint lock 'heartIn order to ensure the accuracy of the electronic process, the whole process of electronic production is carried out in a completely enclosed dust-free workshop, which is equipped with the world's most advanced production equipment, which is the embodiment of the productivity of fingerprint locks. Every detail of electronic production cannot be ignored. A small mistake will cause the entire part to be unusable. Therefore, the technical requirements for employees in this area are very high. Eight: After the electronic part and mechanical part of the assembly line are completed, they will be sent to the assembly department. The assembly department adopts a combination of automated production and manual assisted production. At the same time, it combines scientific and reasonable assembly procedures to divide assembly positions into more than a dozen positions to make assembly more reasonable, strengthen the efficiency of the assembly process, and improve assembly quality. Nine: Product quality inspection In the inspection link, Fuyu Hardware Co., Ltd. requires that each product must undergo pre-process inspection, process inspection, post-process inspection, and pass the 100 grid test, durability test, hardness test, two copper test, and color difference analysis. Inspection, delay test, faint test and salt spray test and other series of tests to ensure that the quality is foolproof.
Anyone who has seen the latest custom door lock lock manufacturing in operation cannot help but be impressed with how far the technology has progressed over the past few years.
Helping the needy custom door lock industries with quality products had been our main goal and we have succeeded in providing simple and effective solutions which has a huge scope to be implemented in the near future. Go to Fuyu Door Lock Manufacturers to know more about us.
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