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Warm reminder of fingerprint lock in winter

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-06
Near the winter, Fuyu’s users responded that the fingerprint lock at home could not identify fingerprints, especially the elderly and children. The reason is that when winter comes, the body surface temperature is relatively low, the fingers are relatively dry, the fingerprints of children are relatively shallow, and the fingerprints of the elderly are relatively fuzzy. The semiconductor fingerprint recognition module is also known for its high-precision plus living body recognition (combined algorithm). The shallow and fuzzy fingerprints sometimes cause the semiconductor fingerprint recognition module to fail to recognize normally. When fingerprints cannot be recognized normally in winter, breathe on the fingers and ensure proper temperature and moisture, so that they can be recognized normally. The problem of difficult fingerprint identification in winter is actually a problem encountered by many semiconductor fingerprint lock manufacturers, because it is related to the fingerprint identification module itself. The semiconductor fingerprint recognition module only recognizes live fingerprints (according to the algorithm). You may have seen in the movie that a thieves gang copied the fingerprints of a certain president, opened his safe, and calmly stole a lot of property. Basically, semiconductor fingerprint recognition modules cannot be copied or imitated, which greatly improves the security of smart locks. Therefore, the silicone simulated fingerprints rumored on the Internet basically have no effect here. However, in winter, the temperature of the human body surface is relatively low and the fingers are relatively dry, so the semiconductor fingerprint recognition module (supported by the algorithm) cannot identify whether the fingerprint is a biological fingerprint, so it sometimes fails to recognize it normally. At present, fingerprint recognition methods on the market are mainly divided into two categories, one is semiconductor fingerprint recognition, and the other is optical fingerprint recognition. However, many consumers and even some fingerprint lock practitioners have difficulty distinguishing the difference between the two and the pros and cons. Advantages of optical fingerprint module  The optical fingerprint sensor is reliable, cheap and more wear-resistant.   1, the recognition rate of fingerprint images with coverings on the surface of dirty fingers and dry fingers is very low;   2, the ability to adapt to environmental factors such as temperature is poor. However, due to the limitation of the optical path, the size of the distortionless collector is larger. Usually there is serious optical distortion;   3. There are often traces left on the surface of the collection window. 4. The CCD device may degrade the image quality due to the aging of its life, and the fake fingerprint semiconductor fingerprint module has the advantage of 1. It has a high recognition rate.  2, can automatically end image collection, and the image quality is getting better and better.  3, strong anti-counterfeiting fingerprint ability.  4, ultra-thin volume: can be embedded in various terminal products.  Disadvantages  1, easy to be affected by static electricity, making the sensor sometimes unable to read the image, or even destroy the image. 2. The price is more expensive than the optical fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint recognition module of Fuyu Tianyan smart lock adopts artificial intelligence semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology, and it only takes 0.5 seconds to open the door; people who use fingerprints to unlock the lock are most worried that the fingerprint head will not be sensitive after a period of time, and the Tianyan smart lock fingerprint module has self-learning ability , The more it is used, the more sensitive it is, and the fingerprint recognition is not sensitive to the company within two years.
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