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What a coincidence that you are also in the security enterprise. Why do you see the 'lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-03
As a new industry in China, the market share of smart locks is gradually increasing under the stimulation of many favorable factors such as policy support, development of artificial intelligence and enhancement of consumer awareness. Intelligent door lock products have gradually attracted the attention of users for their safe and convenient performance. China's intelligent lock industry will usher in a period of rapid development. 'China smart lock consumer analysis report' shows that 66% of the surveyed consumers said they would consider buying smart locks in the future, which is convenient and does not need to bring keys'Become the main cause. In addition, more and more buildings are handed over as one of the standard smart locks. In an interview with CCTV, Zhou Jun, secretary general of the China Smart Home Industry Alliance, said that from the unlocking in the second half of last year to this year, the smart lock industry has entered a Red Sea market, at present, there are about one thousand companies in the whole market to make smart locks. There are traditional door lock manufacturers, security manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers, and Internet companies, all have entered this industry, and this year's market size we think will be 30 billion-35 billion. With the rapid breakthroughs in technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, fingerprint identification and the gradual completion of consumer education, smart door locks, a blue ocean market with less than 3% of the market share in China, began to explode amazing potential. Judging from the C- end market, two years ago, smart locks in Tmall and Jingdong were only inconspicuous items in the two categories of basic building materials/hardware tools. As a leader in the smart lock industry, deschman not only created a new category of cloud smart locks, but also pushed the smart lock items to the top of the above two categories in the 618 promotion in 2017, this led to the outbreak of the entire smart lock industry. In the past 2017, the smart lock industry can be said to have experienced a milestone development. Under the heat wave of unprecedented investment enthusiasm, various capitals have entered this field one after another. The number of brands has increased geometrically, at least a dozen companies have signed up for the image spokesperson at great expense, which has set off a spokesperson boom in the industry, and some companies have experienced years of accumulation and precipitation, finally, the opportunity for the outbreak came, not only hiring spokesmen, but also huge advertising investments such as CCTV, airports and high-speed railway stations, which have achieved huge brand advantages, performance has also doubled. Under the background of the rapid development of intelligent locks, security enterprises have also joined the ranks of layout intelligent locks. Following haikangweishi and Dahua shares, Yushi technology recently held the 2018 Yushi technology mid-year dealer Summit in Hangzhou, and at the same time released a series of smart lock products. While exporting products, security enterprises are also spreading the health concept of intelligent life. Relying on various black technologies, they are constantly making efforts to solve consumers' consumption pain points and taking quality as the basis, meet the growing needs of users. And the continuous iteration of new technologies also frequently ignited the passion of consumption and industry competition. What is the commercial value of smart locks? From the strategic planning of the industry, the lock installed on the door is not just an ordinary smart lock. Once the cloud smart lock can become a product with tens of millions of families, it is also a potential entrance for smart home products'. However, judging from the successful experience of previous internet giants, occupying the entrance means having the leading power in an industry and then bringing more commercial value through the entrance. As smart locks are widely used, large urban and rural families are widely installed and used, and based on this, relevant data of many home users are precipitated, then through big data mining and exploring other directions of home intelligent security, there may be more and more business imagination. Conclusion: China Smart Lock market just started no matter is the industry giant or traditional of smart lock enterprise or emerging of internet brand are on the same starting line on all enterprise have the same opportunity. Whether the industry giants can continue their pursuit of advanced technology and exquisite workmanship in their respective fields, strictly control the quality, and whether they can continuously develop and cater to the market in the traditional hardware industry, actively adapt to the market demand and become the key factor to occupy the Highland in the future. As a leading enterprise in the security industry, Dahua shares focuses on how to use the advantages of traditional resources and combine the characteristics of door locks to create a new family security system. ( This article is based on door lock world, China Financial Times Network, Global Internet of Things observation, China Building Materials Network, yiou network, lock industry information, and China security information)
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