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What about losing the car key?

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-23
The car key is different from the home door key. When the home key is lost, the door lock cylinder can be replaced together, and it is not difficult to operate. The car key generally involves the engine electronic anti-theft, which is not as simple as matching a key or replacing a lock cylinder. Most cars have electronic anti-theft function. Generally, there will be a chip shaped converter inside the car key. Its radio frequency will be password verified with the engine, and the engine will be started only if it matches. Otherwise, the engine will be flamed out for anti-theft, and the car will not be able to use normally. What about losing the car key? If the car key is lost, for safety reasons, the new car key needs to be re matched with the computer and the code changed. It takes hours to days to match another key. It's a waste of time. The key point is that the cost is often expensive, especially for the more expensive and advanced car keys, it's more cumbersome and expensive to match. For example, it costs 5000-20000 yuan to change a key to match and replace it. Especially for the smart car key with LCD, the price of a key is 30000 yuan. A key can buy a domestic mini car. The key question is, if the car key is lost, will you pay for another one? Obviously, the problem is far from simple. Because some troubles can't be solved by changing the key. Although the car key can be re matched, the key code can also be changed, so that the lost key can't start the engine again. Although the electronic anti-theft code is easy to change, don't forget that the lost key can't start the engine, but it can open the door by mechanical unlocking In this way, the goods in the car will inevitably be threatened. I believe that no one is willing to let others open the locked door at will? The lost key can be picked up anytime, anywhere, and then you open the door, which is a security problem. So, once the car key is lost, the trouble is not a little bit. It is not only necessary to re code the anti-theft chip, but also to replace the lock cylinder of the whole door together to prevent the threat of the lost key to the door. The key is to re match two keys. These troubles are enough to make us regret that we should not carelessly lose the key. In other words, losing a key is equivalent to losing all the keys, the lock cylinder of the whole car door, and the trouble of changing the key engine to match again. Therefore, the car key must be looked after carefully. It should be kept carefully in ordinary times. It should not be lost due to carelessness. Now people's quality of life can be said to have improved a lot, the price of the car is more people-friendly now, more and more families have cars, basically the car has become the standard for every family. And now more and more people go to buy cars to learn how to drive. In fact, buying a car is not so simple, especially when we choose it, we have to worry a lot. When we choose a car, we have to look at the brand, performance, appearance and so on. But do you think the problem is all in the car? In fact, there are many particular keys to get on the train. Next, let's let Xiaobian take you to have a good understanding of the key of this car! Generally, a car has two or three keys. These keys should be kept well. If you lose them, you will be in trouble. But if you still lose the key, don't panic. There is still a way to help. If you lose your key, and your door is locked, and you are at a loss when standing outside, what we need is actually a string of numbers. You must be curious about the numbers? When you buy a car, go to pick it up and see if there is a small iron plate with a series of numbers written on its key. The numbers are very useful. Don't throw them away if you don't think they are. You will regret it
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