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What are high-grade door selection criteria - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-06
The door can be seen in many parts of our lives, in the library, in the office, in the residential area, in the hotel and so on. Room also divide class locks and other products, with high-grade, middle-grade, the low-grade. So you know what are high-grade door selection criteria? Should know how to choose? Fu yu hardware small below summarizes the following points.     High-grade door selection criteria: & emsp;   First of all, the brand. Choice of high-grade lock suggests asking have brand awareness of products, brand manufacturers in order to meet customers' different requirements, high-grade room door lock was part of the industry line. If is a product of small manufacturer production and quality can not get effective guarantee first, second, if after human rights problems, no one is responsible for processing. So high-grade lock can not be ignored its brand.     Second, the material. Common high-grade lock on market basically is pure copper quality, pure copper has good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, rust prevention features, such as metal high stability, easy to forge, and pure copper shape, can be made into various shapes, common high-grade villas, high-end clubs with more door made of pure copper.     Once again, see process. High-grade lock on the surface of fine workmanship, and feel comfortable. Mainly related to production process are: plating and polishing. Make good model to be included in the plating liquid, to internal metal wear thick layers of protective film, prolong its service life.     Finally, the appearance. Locks and other products, has a certain appearance will be a bonus, high-grade lock elegant and generous appearance, style diversity, its design is based on the individual aesthetic specific.     Above is about high-grade door selection criteria are introduced in detail, in addition to the above several ways and other auxiliary method, if want to know please contact us.
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