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What are - interior door lock design knowledge Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-21
Indoor door lock can be seen everywhere in our life, there are a lot of kinds, office, home can see, the modelling of their beautiful ornament of living environment at the same time, also guarantee the indoor security, fu yu hardware small make up today to introduce the indoor door lock design knowledge what, want to help those in need.     Indoor door locks the door lock as an important branch, office, supermarket, hospital, school of love. In addition to the public, indoor door lock is also one of the necessary hardware products in the home, the home of the bedroom door, study door, kitchen door, corridor door locks are installed on belong to the category of indoor door lock, not only to protect the head of the household assets, at the same time has played a very good adornment effect. Indoor door locks in its actual effect, is also an indispensable part of home decoration.     Indoor door lock common materials: & emsp;   Alloy material, Such as zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, etc. ) , pure copper, stainless steel, 304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel two) 。     The making craft of indoor door lock: & emsp;   1, melting, forming, material will be prepared after high temperature heating melting into the fixed mold cooling molding.     2, polishing grinding: will make good original tire body installed in the polishing machine, removed from the surface by using high speed rotating wheel locks on the surface of the burr, make its surface smooth and neat.     3, plating color: sent to electroplating workshop, using the principle of metal plating, dense in the handle and the panel surface plating, protect internal metal materials from the dust pollution erosion, prolong service life.     4, the assembly: sent parts assembly workshop, finished lock body, handle, lock, panel, installation, new lock.     5, quality testing: before each indoor door lock on to the market, passed through strict testing process complex, conforms to the standard, quality inspection qualified, packaging, outbound.     The above content is introduced to indoor door lock design knowledge, indoor door lock as indispensable to every occasion products, modelling diversity and affordable price, not only loved by the masses. If it is bulk purchase, can from the interior door manufacturer replenish onr's stock, wholesale price, reduce the cost.
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