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What are mute lock type, mute lock - how should choose Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-13
Mute lock is put forward by the new concept in recent years, the main indoor quiet, domestic to noble mute lock is more famous, in fact, mute lock concept originated in Japan, after the inward. A quality pass mute lock can open the voice of the closed control within 30 decibel, reach the level of ears to hear, fully guarantee the indoor mute effect. So mute lock with so much on the market, which are suitable for yourself? Fu yu hardware small make up today about the detailed for you to introduce the mainstream mute type on the market, help people better understand mute lock.     Mute lock categories: mute lock on the market at present is mainly divided into three types: magnetic suction mute lock, roller oblique mute tongue and nylon lock tongue mute lock.     The first: magnetic suction mute lock & emsp;   Using the characteristics of magnetic attraction, unlike ordinary door lock is a lock body, no lock tongue design, so as to effectively solve the traditional locks the noise due to collide with the door lock tongue, appearance beautiful, modelling is fluent, accepted by the mass consumers.     The second: roller mute lock & emsp;   In the lock tongue is installed on a similar small roller bearing, using features of roller, reduce the open and close inclined tongue and clash between door frame, so as to achieve noise reduction effect. Weakness: the mute lock for the quality of the roller have high requirements, even if the quality pass, but for most of the roller is metal, so between the frame and will produce certain noise, on the noise reduction is not ideal.     The third: nylon latch mute lock & emsp;   On the inclined tongue joined the high strength nylon material, reduce the collision inclined tongue and metal door frame, is the upgrade version of wheel rolling mute lock, the noise reduction effect is better, but the price is higher, are not suitable for the vast number of consumers.     The mainstream mute lock on the market is the above three, small make up recommend magnetic suction mute lock, stable performance and noise reduction effect is remarkable, also need to remind everybody is, at the time of choosing mute lock, the noise reduction is only one aspect, the key depends on the quality of the door lock, service life, and home decorate a style is tie-in, do not attend.
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