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What are the advantages of Fuyu Smart Lock APP to open the door remotely? -Media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-22
In this era of artificial intelligence, whether it is a large enterprise or a small workshop, they have further chosen intelligent machines, and more are used in our lives to improve our quality of life, and door locks play a role in our lives. For traditional home furnishings, the door lock is the first barrier to security. Having a powerful smart lock not only brings convenience to yourself, but also adds one to the family’s home. Security guarantee. In 2018, smart locks can be said to be a dark horse in the field of smart home hardware development. The emergence of smart locks has changed people's perception of locks and their habits. Smart locks are the general trend in the development of smart homes, and remote control of smart locks has also entered our sight. Fuyu's smart lock APP facilitates every user who has smart door locks and makes people's lives more intelligent. So what are the functions of Fuyu Smart Lock APP development? 1. Remote unlocking: The mobile phone smart lock APP can remotely unlock the family members, and two-way feedback, real-time control of family home information. 2. Anti-dismantling function: When someone tries to forcibly dismantle the lock, the smart door lock will remotely push notification messages to the mobile smart lock APP in time to grasp the security situation at home in real time and avoid property losses. 3. Anti-duress function: When you are under duress, you can enter a specific password. When the door is opened, the mobile phone smart lock APP will immediately send a hijacking alarm message to notify family members as soon as possible to ensure personal safety to the utmost. 4. Multiple unlocking methods: Smart locks can be unlocked remotely through mobile smart lock APP, password unlocking, NFC unlocking, mechanical key unlocking, small remote control and other ways to unlock, effectively avoiding the trouble of forgetting the key. 5. Linkage function: Use the mobile phone smart lock APP in a specific scene mode to link door and window magnetic detectors, background music, infrared intrusion detectors, etc., after returning home, link to turn on the lights and turn on the background music, etc., to enjoy a warm home Environment and so on. This article was originally edited by Fuyu Smart Lock, infringement must be investigated! Please indicate the source for reposting. More questions can be inquired
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