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What are the advantages - zinc alloy indoor door lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-09
Indoor door lock from ancient to modern times has been the use of hardware products, ancient times the use of indoor door lock is given priority to with copper or iron, as technology updates, appeared on the market more materials, such as zinc alloy is one of them. Most indoor door locks are in the market now is to use made of zinc alloy material, but many people still don't know for this kind of material of door lock, the zinc alloy material of indoor door lock what are the advantages? Let's come together and have a look.     What are the advantages of zinc alloy indoor door lock?     1, suitable for electroplating & emsp;   Easily oxidized zinc alloy material itself, in the aspect of acid and alkali resistance is poor, but qualitative change occurs after plating processing, can be in form multilayer protection membrane on the surface of zinc alloy, not only protect the internal metal away from harmful substances, and improve tactility, touch more lubrication, joint skin.     More than 2, design & emsp;   Zinc alloy soft, low melting point, can be made into a variety of different modelling, manufacturer of indoor door lock on the market are mainly zinc alloy material is given priority to, have green bronze, yellow bronze, PVD gold, bright chrome, black, sand nickel, and other colors to choose from.     Zinc alloy occupied a very important role in indoor door lock, not only good-looking and modelling design also many, installed on the bedroom door, study door, backstairs, is very appropriate. In addition, the raw material price is low, it is a combination of factors, is zinc alloy indoor door lock is more and more liked by the public.     Above is about zinc alloy indoor door lock are introduced, hope everyone looked after, can deepen the understanding of the door, interior door lock not only because of its beauty, combined with appropriate decorates a style, its effect is also different.
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