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What are the benefits of smart locks?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-15
When the concept into the heart, smart home intelligent lock also walked into our life. The traditional mechanical locks are still the majority of people rely on security equipment, so in life there are always these situations, let people have no alternative. So you know what are some advantages of intelligent lock? 1. Do you often forget to bring my keys, off the keys? 2. When decorating, how often to decorate a company to open the door? 3. Go out sport you don't like to bring my keys? 4. Do you often forget exactly have to lock the door when you're on? 5. Whether to have visit friends and relatives all of a sudden, not at home, unable to let friends into the room to rest? 6. Children age is too small, the keys is not safe and often lost, don't take the key, but not earlier than the child home for children to open the door? 7. In a hurry to go to work in the morning, and often forget to put the key? 8. Parents got home late from work, I don't know what time is the child at home? Intelligent lock is mainly to share above the benefits of these advantages, we use the intelligent lock or very be necessary.
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