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What are the brand - room lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-01
Lock as home and will use hardware products, many clients for lock are extremely concerned about what brand, want to buy branded lock don't have to worry about quality, and it is easy to handle. This idea is very normal, after all, the establishment of a lock brands is after many years of accumulation, the common evaluation from users. So what's the brand door? Let's get together and then to look down.     What are the brand room door lock, lock range is very big, there are outdoor room door lock, also have indoor use room door lock, and then take indoor door, including rich yu hardware is a very good sign, with the material in addition to the common on the market of zinc alloy, space aluminum, stainless steel, also developed Z3 composite material, metal performance is better, after the test, the same style of room door lock, a longer life expectancy than their peers to use at least five years. And was himself a door lock manufacturers, the production of lock their production, their sales, are the wholesale price, lower than the market price, more affordable.     What are the brand room door lock, lock brand is not much, find a suitable own brand is the key, you can ask rich yu hardware customer service, specializing in the production of lock for 21 years, has more than 500 kinds of different lock style, always can find their own right. In addition to design, quality, but also provide private ordering service, provide design drawings, by our mould production, high efficiency.
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