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What are the characteristics of really good smart locks?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-15
Intelligent lock is refers to the difference between the traditional mechanical lock, user identification, security and manageability of more intelligent locks, intelligent lock is to lock the door in the entrance guard system execution parts. So you know what are the typical features of really good smart locks? Really good smart locks are as follows: the characteristics of a facility, 'convenient' is the biggest characteristic of intelligent lock, is also the most basic features of intelligent lock. Convenient means to solve the user forget, missing or not dozen don't open the door keys of trouble, at the same time can also remote/nanny trusted staff to open the door for the guest. Two high security, high safety is another big characteristic of smart lock, is embodied in three aspects. First of all, high safety in intelligent lock guard family and property security is not stolen functional safety. Functional safety backward is the security of all kinds of lock, many intelligent lock products now are to introduce the corresponding solutions. Three, intelligent now that is 'smart' lock, it must be intelligent. Real intelligence should be to let the product is in accurate perception, judgment and on the basis of the effective executive function, and networking, instrumentation. Four, friendly, of course, with the improvement of social economic level, basic meet material base, now more and more consumers began to pursue the superstructure. Especially this part of the intelligent lock audience, after 80, 90, mostly young men, most of them are high knowledge level, to the pursuit of life, buy products not only meet the functional requirements, also want to meet the demand of the senses. Five, populist intelligent lock to popularization, with its price is not necessarily to the, also cannot blindly cater to their knees. Price is too high will be pulled back the product and the distance of the average consumer, does not favor the market as a whole development; Low prices is inevitable in the product raw materials procurement, technology research and development, production, sales, operations, brand promotion, after-sale installation services or parts of a wreck, easy to bring bad use of the user experience. Six, good service, can be said to be a cliche, but have to talk about. As the saying goes 'into me, hurt me,' for the intelligent lock sales, can be said to be 'into service, and service'. A good smart lock, not only the product itself is better, the service of form a complete set is also have the absolute guarantee. All of us at the time of operation using smart locks, we all need to know the smart lock these characteristics above, right way to operate the smart locks that we all need.
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