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What are the classification of the door?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-13
Door lock is used to lock to live, to prevent others to open the door of the equipment, the classification of door lock, many requirement for door locks in various occasions. Then the classification of the door lock have hotel lock and apartment lock, intelligent fingerprint door, glass door locks, etc. The lock on the now widely used in various electronic door lock. According to the classification of door lock is more, the demand of different occasions use lock is different. Below to share locks the classification of the concrete is introduced as follows: 1, the average family USES the anti-theft door locks, generally the anti-theft door lock has the characteristics of security is very high, the price is cheap; 2, use a lot of public places in the glass door, glass door lock will be more widely used; 3, in some high-end places, will use the high security, such as fingerprint locks, trick lock door lock and the price is high. Door lock is mainly to share these above, now you should understand more about the door lock, you need to what kind of door lock, they can contact us fuyu end there are various types of locks for your selection.
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