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What are the commercial application scenarios of smart fingerprint locks

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-24
With the improvement of consumer living standards, smart fingerprint locks are becoming more and more popular with everyone, and more and more places are used. In addition to the use of fingerprint locks in homes and residences, where are the main applications of fingerprint locks in business? Here is an introduction for everyone. 1. Hotels 1. The suite management in the smart door lock provides a variety of check-in and door-open modes. 2. Special service management provides free setting of door opening cards to meet the needs of arbitrary door opening. 3. The information can be read directly through the proximity card, so as to avoid the trouble of the guests and the related staff in the parking lot. 2. Commercial office 1. Through the intelligent door lock system, the employees can automatically perform attendance statistics and record inquiries. 2. After the company’s belongings are lost, the system will automatically inquire the information of the latest employee; 3. The system is set by the administrator, and the administrator cannot open the door lock by himself, which solves the hidden safety hazard of the manager’s excessive authority; 3. The community Apartment 1. Remote network remote control function, which can remotely authorize the smart door lock through the network system and remotely control the opening and closing of the door; 2. It can be extended to the software management system, and the standby exhibition function can be customized according to the actual requirements of the user. Smart door lock; 3. Only through the fingerprint or card of authorized personnel can the access door be opened to enter each unit, which ensures the safety of the owner and regulates the management of the community. Fourth, the second landlord rents the house 1. The ID card authorizes the unlocking, the lease time period is controlled, and the intelligent unmanned management is realized. 2. Collect and submit information about renters remotely, avoid house rounds, and master basic and mobile information about renters. 3. Before renting a house, there is no need for manual guidance. The second landlord can remotely control the door lock switch, eliminating the need to take people to see the house. 4. In case the resident forgets to bring or loses the door card, the landlord can use the system to send a one-time password to unlock and authorize the opening time period, saving the trouble of manually sending the door card. V. Short-term apartment rentals in public rental housing 1. In case the occupant forgets to bring or loses the door card, the manager can use the system to send a one-time password to open the door, and authorize the opening and closing time period, saving the trouble of manually sending the door card. 2. In front of the house, there is no need for manual leadership, and the management personnel can remotely control the opening and closing of the door through the system, saving a lot of labor costs. 3. Cluster management: In different areas, use the network lock management system to reasonably manage dispersed properties or landlords, conduct statistics on the number of rented and unleased houses, and view the housing dynamics in real time. 4. You can check the houses that have moved in and those that have not moved in online through the system, display the house number, and arrange the rental of houses according to the actual situation. It can count the number of unrented houses in all jurisdictions.
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