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What are the common kinds - interior door Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-07
We can meet in your office or home modelling various indoor door lock, the modelling of their appearance each are not identical, use the occasion is multifarious. So, do you know the indoor door lock that we often see belong to which kind? Fu yu hardware below small make up take you to meet the indoor door lock common kinds are there? Help you better understand this product.     We often say the interior door lock are mainly classified material, stainless steel, zinc alloy material, four kinds of pure copper and aluminum alloy, because the four material characteristics of itself, use the occasion of also is different.     Indoor door lock what are common kinds: & emsp;   A: zinc alloy indoor door lock & emsp;   Are easy to be electroplated zinc alloy material, texture is soft and itself, forging forming, easily made of this material interior door lock not only has the rich design, and a very beautiful modelling, after plating, oxidation can use 7, 8 years, fade. In addition to these advantages, zinc alloy indoor door lock itself, the price is not high also, is the first choice for a family.     2: stainless steel interior door lock & emsp;   And zinc alloy indoor door lock, stainless steel interior door lock is also often can see in our life, like the office occasions people, there is a large stream of people, often using stainless steel interior door lock, this material has high hardness, can hit many times without deformation. In addition to the high hardness, in corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, the typical advantages of stainless steel, summarized into one sentence, that is durable.     Three: pure copper indoor door lock & emsp;   Pure copper interior door lock is a combination of stainless steel and zinc alloy all the advantages of the two metals, and durable, beautiful. But the market prices on the high side, the normal price in 200 yuan, is not suitable for ordinary families, often used in high-end clubs or high-grade hotels and other places.     Four: aluminum alloy indoor door lock & emsp;   This kind of material of indoor door lock from the appearance and the zinc alloy indoor door locks are very similar, some businesses will aluminum alloy indoor door lock as zinc alloy indoor door lock, to mislead consumers. Although look similar, but will most likely be light weight, use of aluminium alloy door lock indoor give a person a kind of light feeling, slightly less than on the component. In addition, aluminum alloy material is not suitable for electroplating process, use after a long time, put his hand on the surface of easy to oxidation, lose their original color.     Conclusion: & emsp;   Common indoor door lock in addition to the above classification, according to the structure, can be divided into indoor door lock and an indoor door lock, etc. , not introduced one by one here. Say so many, you know at ordinary times meet indoor door locks belong to what kind of? If there is any question, welcome to click on the online customer service.
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