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What are the concerns of intelligent home security?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
A home that has always been regarded as a safe harbor. If you don't pay attention to safety issues, it is likely to become a place where accidental injuries occur. Traditional home security focuses on doors and windows, and thinks that there is a security window. However, entering the 21st century, with the changes and development of the times, traditional security measures have fallen behind the times. Even if there are monitoring and security measures in the community, there are still times of negligence. Intelligent security is becoming more and more important in smart homes. Intelligent security devices such as access control, intelligent locks, cameras, etc. can be connected with Internet big data, cloud services, etc, upgrade functional products to intelligent products. Relatively speaking, smart home appliances have great potential in the smart home camp. The development of the Internet of Things has enabled smart homes to enter daily life with many characteristics such as safety, convenience and intelligence. So, what do you need to pay attention to in home security? The first step of security: smart door lock smart home was once set to the living room economy' Many domestic home appliance manufacturers are the vanguard to enter the smart home market. However, the concept of smart home is very hot and the products are dazzling. Consumers do not buy it. At present, there is no real reshaping of people's home life style. The reason is that many smart home products only add networking functions and do not hit the pain points of users. Compared with traditional door locks, intelligent door locks have greatly improved safety and are more intelligent. Technically speaking, the encryption degree of ZigBee technology, which is currently the mainstream of smart home, is 10 times higher than that of bank cards. It is almost impossible to violently crack the smart lock system with the current technology. Most smart locks on the market have NFC, mobile phone remote, password, fingerprint and other unlocking methods, and can even bind smart home scenes to enjoy smart life. It is worth noting that every time the user unlocks, the Smart Home APP can feedback the status of the door lock in real time. The user can know the number, and the obsessive-compulsive disorder is no longer afraid to forget to close the door.
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