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What are the considerations of choose and buy - interior door Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-14
Interior door lock as one of the very common locks in life, a name in interior space for installation. Common indoor door locks are on the market the bedroom door, study door, kitchen door lock, bathroom door lock, etc. , on the structure of it, has two kinds of integrated structure and fission structure. The indoor door locks with good quality in addition to owners of property security, can have very good adornment effect more. So indoor door of choose and buy what are the considerations? With rich yu hardware below small make up to a detailed understanding.     Indoor door of choose and buy what are the precautions & emsp;   1, choose the brand products & emsp;   Multifarious brand indoor door lock on the market, has a popular brand, also has a well-known brand. Although on the appearance of it seems to differ not quite, but the actual situation is not so, often large lock factory production of the product quality qualified rate is far higher than that of small workshops production, higher quality, won't cut corners, actually.     2, see decorate a style & emsp;   Indoor door lock as part of the household building materials, their styles and decorate a style is consistent, if indoor decorate to contracted style, you can choose the minimalist locks or style is simple; If indoor decoration bias towards Chinese style or classic style, Jane Europe style, interior door lock can be used as a whole is tie-in bring out the best in each other.     3, look at the price budget & emsp;   Indoor door locks and other products, different style the price is not the same. Before choosing must first know how much your budget, so choose up will save a lot of trouble; The mainstream indoor door lock on the market price between 50 to 150, with zinc alloy, stainless steel material is given priority to, more popular with consumers.     That is in when choosing indoor door lock need to pay attention to matters, indoor door style is rich, beautiful appearance, wide price range covers, consumers can choose according to their demand from multiple dimensions of comprehensive.
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