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What are the difference between mute locks and ordinary locks?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-12
Mute door lock is mainly suitable for residential unit locks the main function is characterized by close no noise no vibration ordinary double locked doors closed when there is a certain sound. Mute lock, also known as electronic lock, is a mechanical locking device is controlled by relay, has now formed a variety of different structure of the series, including electric mortise lock ( The anode lock) And the cathode lock ( Electric lock mouth) , magnetic locks, electric control lock, etc. Ordinary locks the classification of the lot, in each situation is different to the requirement of door lock, ordinary families generally have anti-theft door locks, high security and the price is cheaper. Locks applications, can be you can see every day, but there are many kinds of level security door locks, namely security level. Mute door lock has more advantages, all of us in choosing a door lock, choose mute door lock is better.
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