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What are the differences between smart locks and electronic locks and mechanical locks? This article tells you

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-17
The biggest difference between a smart lock and an ordinary mechanical lock is that the smart lock can be controlled by a mobile phone, and the control distance depends on the connection mode supported by the smart lock. Nowadays, most of the smart locks that can be remotely controlled at home do not directly connect to the Internet, but are connected to the Internet through a 'gateway'. When the smart lock leaves the gateway, it is no different from ordinary electronic locks. The smart lock gateway not only allows users to control wherever they are, but also allows the gateway to become a transfer station for Internet of Things information, such as automatically turning on the cat’s eye video when it is picked, and easily turning off the indoor lights when going out. And other functions. The reason for the emergence of the gateway is not only because of the linkage with other smart home products, but also for the consideration of battery life. For smart locks, the power consumption of Wi-Fi is very huge, and battery life will be greatly shortened if it is powered by dry batteries. Moreover, the transmission data required by the smart lock is far less than that supported by the Wi-Fi transmission protocol. If you use Wi-Fi direct connection, you will be bombarded with mosquitoes. For electronic devices such as smart locks with 24-hour standby and high power consumption requirements, low-power protocols such as Bluetooth and Zigbee will be more suitable. However, if you want to perform remote control, you still need the gateway to be connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi or a network cable, and the importance of resisting today's crisis-ridden network attacks is self-evident. If you purchase a smart lock that can be remotely controlled, you are actually buying the corresponding gateway. When purchasing, try to choose smart lock products of the same brand as other smart homes that have been purchased, or products that have the same network protocol and can be linked, so that a gateway can drive the entire family's products to link. In addition, the installation location of the gateway is also very important. In addition to the place where the network cable and power supply can be easily inserted, there should be no obstruction between the smart lock and other products, so as to have a more stable wireless connection effect.
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