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What are the differences between the four common indoor door lock are - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-04
In daily life, we will often contact indoor door lock, from the appearance or simple or attract eyeball. We can distinguish from structure, can also according to the style, from the material, but the indoor door lock is what material? If the materials are classified, on the market there are four kinds of common indoor door lock material: stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, pure copper, what is the difference between them?     What are the differences between the four common indoor door lock?     1, on the use time of it & emsp;   Stainless steel interior door lock can generally use more than 10 years; Zinc alloy indoor door lock can use 7 to 8 years; Aluminum alloy indoor door lock can be used 3 years; Pure copper interior door lock can use 15 years or more.     2, from the material plasticity and emsp;   Stainless steel interior door lock plasticity is very low, and basically no special modelling, pure copper and zinc alloy and high plasticity, metal texture is soft, can make a lot of different modelling, see beautiful locks on the market, most of the material is zinc alloy or pure copper.     3, from the material advantages & emsp;   Pure copper mass belongs to high-grade materials, often used as villa large door lock or upscale office door lock, design is rich, the modelling is unique, with long time; Zinc alloy material interior door lock belongs to high-grade products, price populist, diverse styles, closer to civilian use; Made of stainless steel interior door lock high hardness, appearance is simple, to industrial style; Aluminum alloy indoor door lock price is low, is often used in engineering projects, can be recycled, belongs to the green environmental protection product.     4, from the material defect & emsp;   Aluminium alloy material use time is short, material is lighter, hardness is low; Zinc GeJinZhi soft, use after a long time by air oxidation rub off easily, affect beautiful. Stainless steel interior door locks modelling, style, color monotone, more suited to the bathroom or kitchen, etc; Pure copper door lock the only drawback is the high cost, not suitable for civilian consumption.     Introduce what are the differences between the four common indoor door lock is more than that, the material of each have their own advantages and disadvantages, the mainstream is on the market of stainless steel and zinc alloy, stainless steel with long time, and rich in zinc alloy design, both advantages each have emphasize particularly on, all have in common is that the price is not high, suitable for families.
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