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What are the factors affect indoor door lock wholesale prices - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-02
Significantly increase in recent years, the manufacturing technology, has brought new opportunities for many industries, indoor door lock is one of them, as the indoor door lock manufacturing technology is increasingly mature, interior door manufacturer quantity more and more on the market, led to the indoor door lock wholesale prices also have high low, for the wholesale price, in addition to quantity, production technology, appearance design, materials used in the decisive factor, other factors may also affect the price. Fu yu hardware below small make up from the Angle of the manufacturer to give everybody to make a specific analysis.     What are the factors affect indoor door lock wholesale price: & emsp;   1, the cost of production & emsp;   Indoor door research and development, production, transportation, raw materials and labor cost, can't be ignored for manufacturers, will directly affect the wholesale price.     2, profits & emsp;   The cost of production was determined, indoor door lock manufacturers need through market research, through the market rules to make the desired product profit, such as: 12%, 15%, and so on.     3, market demand & emsp;   Wholesale prices, market supply and demand also can affect indoor door lock, when the tension of supply and demand, prices will rise, on the contrary, if the product a large number of accumulation, prices will fall, meager profit but high turnover.     4, promotion & emsp;   Through various forms of discounts, promotions, offers and to determine the final price to the market.     5, competing goods price & emsp;   Under the age of the Internet, information transparency, competitor prices on the Internet is a very simple matter, reference competing goods, set your own price, stimulate the market and occupy more market share.     Above is the main factors influencing the indoor door lock wholesale price, a price a points goods, the discretion of the product price has itself reason, find another indoor door lock manufacturers in cooperation, can find comparing several more, choose the right budget and the actual situation of the product price.
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