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What are the material interior door lock? What kind of material is more durable Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-11
Indoor door lock as a commonly used hardware in the home, in the decoration and indoor security plays an important role which cannot be ignored, but you know indoor door lock what material? What kind of material of indoor door lock is more durable? Common on the market have a space aluminum and zinc alloy, stainless steel, pure copper four kinds of materials, each material properties are not the same, and rich yu hardware small make up today come with all of you to introduce in detail.     Zinc alloy indoor door lock: ordinary home use with zinc alloy is given priority to, have a high request for plating, polishing, grinding, technology is strong, can be used more than ten years not out of order, if the process is bad, easy to form white dots in the lock body surface, easy to oxidation, corrosion, market price: 40 - 120 yuan & emsp;   Stainless steel interior door lock: divided into 201 and 304 stainless steel two kinds, cheap indoor door locks are basically 201 stainless steel material, metal hardness is high, the casting is difficult, modelling is simple, use cycle can reach more than 10 years, the market price: 30 - 100 yuan & emsp;   Indoor space aluminum door locks: belong to cheap material, have very high request for electroplating, some aluminum alloy indoor door lock the price is very low, face plate is very thin, in a few years will turn black oxide surface, affect the use. Market price: RMB 20 & emsp;   Pure copper interior door lock: belongs to rare metals copper, market price is high, the metal performance is stable, have high resistance to bad environment, pure copper thick interior door lock, have qualitative feeling. Normal service life in more than 10 years, use cycle is long, have qualitative feeling. Market price: 200 yuan of above.     The zinc alloy indoor door lock the mainstream market share, modelling diversity, design is rich, can satisfy different decorate a style, the price is also relatively close, can use for a long time without replacement. Small make up remind everybody: a price points a points goods, buy indoor door lock never showed, or soon will be in new, very complicated.
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