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What are the material of common - interior door Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-07
Indoor door lock is very common in our life, especially for people gradually pay attention to safety, as the first barrier to protect the safety of indoor, indoor door lock has played an important role. Indoor door lock not only material variety, and modelling is rich, besides, color is bright and colorful. With good quality can effectively reduce indoor noise, stable structure, high hardness, is conducive to family sleep and rest. So the material of indoor door lock is what? Fu yu hardware below small make up to introduce the four common material.     Indoor door lock the four common material: & emsp;   Material: zinc alloy as the main material of indoor door lock & emsp;   Indoor door lock one of the common material is zinc alloy, zinc alloy as the main material of indoor door lock, dominates in the sculpt texture and colour and lustre, colour diversity, delicate texture, but also long service life, in addition to zinc alloy as the main material of the lock on the environment that occupy the home also have very good adornment effect, a beautiful lock, can let a person feel shine at the moment, to attract attention.     Material 2: stainless steel as the main material of indoor door lock & emsp;   In the office, school, hardcover apartments, office buildings, the most common indoor door lock is stainless steel as the main material, the material is one of more common lock type of household decorates. Stainless steel as the main material of indoor door lock not only corrosion resistance, high hardness, and die casting design is relatively simple, easy to shape. In addition to these advantages, stainless steel interior door locks are low price, suitable for families, is conducive to marketing communications.     Third material: aluminum alloy as the main material of indoor door lock & emsp;   Aluminum alloy indoor door lock from the material advantages are: light weight, easy to machining, the market price is low, often used as a project form a complete set of locks. The other aluminium alloy belongs to the environmental protection material, can be recycled to processing, widely application scenario.     Material four: pure copper as the main material of indoor door lock & emsp;   Typical characteristics of pure copper as the main material is easy to machining, diverse styles, in terms of acid and alkali resistant performance is outstanding, you can use for many years without damage. Pure copper interior door lock the overall price is on the high side, often used as villas or high-grade apartment interior door lock the door.     Above is indoor door lock is often used four kinds of materials, each material has a unique advantage, at the time of selection, comprehensive selection can combine their actual demand, meet the demand at the same time, also let indoor door locks in its corresponding advantages.
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