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What are the precautions for selection of hand lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-27
Indoor household decorate a design for a hand lock have always been people who have strong demand, the reason is that a hand lock modelling concise, it is easier to match different decorate a style, a hand lock color is rich, have yellow bronze, gold, black and yellow, bright chrome, PVD gold wait for color, suitable for different places and meet different people needs. Then a hand lock has so many benefits, selection of hand lock what are the considerations? Fu yu hardware below small make up to introduce in detail.     Pick a hand lock which should pay attention to: & emsp;   1, attention to the quality of the hand lock & emsp;   Because we are using a hand lock is a long time, use 7/8 very normal, if the hand lock quality closes nevertheless, can only use one year, to our loss is very big, and bad quality of hand lock, coarsely, modelling also not good-looking, affect the owners' mood, so, in the choice of hand attaches great importance to the quality at the time of the lock.     2, pay attention to the material of hand lock & emsp;   Hold hand lock have different characteristics of different material, so we need to know the character of a hand lock, first consider whether this material for use in the future will bring, also want to combine the advantages of material comprehensive consideration, to choose the right hand of the combination lock.     3, pay attention to the hand lock price & emsp;   Hand lock price largely with work, material and production process, use good material and craft that price will be a bit on the high side, so, if the project needs with the quantity is large, suggest to find a hand lock factory batch purchase, wholesale prices can go, so the price will be low on many.     4, pay attention to the hand lock appearance & emsp;   Because of hand lock is mainly installed in indoor, have adornment effect, so for the appearance of the hand lock is very important, in the choice of hand lock time to consider whether the harmonious with the environment. Such as: modern home decorate a style, can choose the minimalist style, or contracted style of hand lock, the bedroom will choose mute of hand lock, and some require a separate custom satisfy owner's aesthetic demand.     When choosing a hand lock is these need to pay attention to the content, the key lies in whether harmonious and decorate color photograph, and pick a hand in the lock when you need to have patience, choose normal manufacturer, big brands to adorn their beautiful home.
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