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What are the principle of electronic lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-14
Electronic lock is a password or to control circuit ( Access control system) To control the closing of the mechanical switch, lock, lock task of electronic products. What are the principle of electronic lock? Electronic locks it is 51 series microcontroller as the core, to complete the password Settings, storage, identify, and display, drive electromagnetic actuators and detect the drive current value, receive the alarming signal from the sensor to send, send data, and other functions. MCU receives the type in the code, and comparing with the password storage block in EEPROM, if the password is correct, the electromagnetic actuator driven lock; If the password is not correct, allows operators to enter the password, can input three times; If the three are not correct, the single chip microcomputer through telecommunication lines road intelligent monitor alarm. The principle of electronic lock is mainly to share these principles above, now everyone should know about electronic lock, need electronic lock friend, you can contact us.
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