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What are the problems after the lock installed?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-13
Door lock is used to lock to live, to prevent others to open the door of the equipment. Locks the classification of the lot. Door lock installed combination is inclined tongue, mechanical keys can be opened the door. So after the lock installed what are the problems? A: the combination of the hand door lock latch can't completely out, the solution is: 1, adjusted the gusset plate, lock, and inclined tongue, tongue facing each other, so, inclined tongue can smooth scale 2, carefully check whether side trim is normal installation, open the latch standing up to the hole 3, open the door, if the inclined tongue stuck inside, so the solution is: combination of lock latch parts need to widen the good 2; Press the hand door lock can open the door, inside and outside the reason: some locks are because lock set the channel function, as long as adjust good can use. A hand after installation of door lock, if must open the door, then how to do? 1, the hand door lock to install 4 5 AA high-performance batteries; 2, as long as the mode card can open a door; 3, must want to have the company help you match up the school in advance of the card and inserted in the lock. The green indicator light will light up, and you will hear the sound of the drops. Door lock after loading often appear on these problems above, a problem we all can be timely solve the problems, don't let the problem bring us trouble.
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