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What are the three major protection methods for intelligent security in the internet of things era?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
In recent years, the products of the internet of things have profoundly changed people's thinking and lifestyle, setting off a new round of industrial and technological reforms, making the security industry begin to assemble, so as to adapt to this era of change, and at the same time burst out unprecedented commercial value. We really feel that the Internet has changed our lives. In fact, life has also changed the development of many technologies. Technology itself is neutral, and there is no difference between good and bad. Its ultimate goal is to benefit mankind. Many enterprises have also embarked on their own road of reform and innovation in this era, fusion the anti-theft alarm, security monitoring, intelligent door lock and many kinds of technology of security system in 1. 1 Drop in change the WE of small life. One of the protectors: anti-theft alarm, installation of Jianshu alarm system in the family, not at home during the day, going out on weekends, are not afraid of no one at home. The door and window detector is installed on the door and window and the operation is very simple. When you go out, give the door magnetic protection, as long as someone tries to illegally invade the home, it will trigger the door magnetic, and the host will immediately notify the owner. The same is true for infrared detectors, which will trigger as long as they detect human body movement, and then alert the user. The Second Law of Protection: security monitoring, people subconsciously think that monitoring is generally only used in public places. In fact, in today's society, there are more and more home network cameras installed. The busy work, or the travel, causes us modern people to spend less and less time at home, but the heart has always been tied to everything in the home. With family monitoring, no matter how far people go, can always master the scene at home, can realize remote monitoring through mobile phone APP. The third protection method: the door lock in the smart door lock is the first barrier for our safety. The emergence of the smart door lock has changed our lives. Whether it uses fingerprint unlocking with advanced biological human body identification function, or it can be unlocked remotely through APP, or it also has the functions of RFID swipe card to open the door and traditional key to open the door. The intelligent door lock with four-in-one unlocking brings great convenience to our life. At the same time, its opening record, anti-push, anti-coercion function, etc. also add a layer of umbrella for our family safety.
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