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What are the types of intelligent lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-16
Intelligent lock is refers to the difference between the traditional mechanical lock, in the aspect of user identification, security, manageability more intelligent locks, door lock the door when you leave the execution of the components in the system. Intelligent lock is different from traditional mechanical lock, is a safety, convenience, advanced technology of compound locks. A lot of people for intelligent locks are only limited to see the TV series, do not know smart locks and there are many other types, the following LAN intelligence and science and technology is to tell you about the type of lock. What are the types of intelligent lock? 1, fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock is one of the most common, namely we see those in TV series, you just need to identify the fingerprint unlocked. 2, bluetooth bluetooth smart lock lock is one of the relatively common smart locks, such as common yellow car in our life, the worship is the use of bluetooth lock. Bluetooth lock need to pass the APP to unlock, restricted by regional. 3, palm vein locked palm vein is relatively rare, because this type of lock are relatively high, generally are combined in the door, use more in the villa. Palm vein lock is to identify the palm skin the veins below to unlock. 4, facial recognition facial recognition intelligent lock lock is now relatively a few more kind of locks, but a lot of people there is a worry, that is used by someone else means to open the pictures, because on the network also use portrait technology outflow through open video of facial recognition lock. Intelligent lock is mainly to share these types above, now everyone should understanding of smart locks, need the intelligent lock partners can contact us.
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