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What are the types of intelligent lock factory?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-16
Intelligent lock is different from the traditional mechanical lock, intelligent lock in security, user identification, manageability are very intelligent. More intelligent locks, administrative aspects. Professional intelligent locks professional intelligent lock manufacturer with strong r&d strength and channel, application software can be developed independently, independent planning mechanical lock body especially planning and the planning and production capacity of the machine. New generation of intelligent lock as the market grew hot, a lot of capital are aimed at the emerging industry, some of the new enterprise or brand was born, such companies are often in a year or two just to enter, as long as the name of a class. Levels foundry intelligent lock OEM smart lock manufacturers, have had the traditional industry promotion or for rich product system, they generally can take advantage of their own channels to form a team, also can buy a few small manufacturers, OEM OEM or find others. Intelligent lock factory is mainly the above the three types of lock manufacturers, we choose suitable factory is important.
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