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by:FUYU lock     2020-10-25
What are the types of interior door lock & emsp; As people living standard improving year by year, all kinds of products update iterations, even indoor door lock in our life appear largely upgrade, all kinds of material, various styles emerge in endlessly, on market to buy door lock will pick the dazzling, there is a hindrance. Now exactly what types indoor door lock? Let us follow the indoor door lock factory staff to have a look at it in detail.     Indoor door locks categories: & emsp;   1, ball lock & emsp;   As the name suggests this kind of door lock handle is spherical, popularity, the product material is rich, mainly include: stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and so on. Has obvious disadvantages: anti-theft ability is not strong, to be used indoors.     2, glass door lock & emsp;   Glass door lock is mainly used in glass door, the door without opening to install, high security properties.     3, electronic combination lock & emsp;   Controlled by input password lock body mechanical movement, so as to open the door of a electronic product, are used in the safe, password cabinets and other products, high level of insurance.     4, padlock & emsp;   Mainly divided into iron padlock and password padlock, norms diversity, can satisfy the needs of different consumers.     Above introduction of common types of indoor door lock is now on the market, in addition to the introduction of: insert core door locks, card lock, etc. Fu yu hardware's official website: http://www. zide360. com/
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