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What are the typical features of aluminium alloy door lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-11
Aluminium alloy door lock in our life use frequency more and more high, many people home installation are aluminum door lock, this suggests that it's very popular. You know, in a dozen years ago, most people use for home door lock is made of iron, due to various aspects such as technology and materials of upgrade, made of aluminium alloy door lock into everyone's vision. So, why is this kind of material will be popular with everyone? Small make up today to collect a few main reason share to everyone.     What are the typical features of aluminium alloy door lock?     1, long service life & emsp;   Aluminum alloy door lock is usually installed in the indoor, belongs to the interior part of a door lock, will be affected by many factors, which contains the dust in the air, and water erosion, if is to use the iron door locks, will be easy to rust, affect the appearance and performance. But the use of aluminum alloy door lock this problem can be avoided, well this metal rust is basically not meeting, even if installed in damp environment, also can use for a long time.     2, affordable & emsp;   From a cost in terms of aluminium alloy door lock compared with other material, cheaper in price, the reason is that aluminum alloy belongs to common metal resources, the market price is not high. In addition to price low, aluminium alloy door lock is also very durable, its service life is 5, and 6 times the iron door lock, that is, to buy the cost of 5 or 6 iron door lock and the price is quite a aluminium alloy door lock, is, of course, more to save money.     3, can be recycled & emsp;   Aluminum alloy belongs to the green metal, can be recycled many times, when the service life of aluminum alloy door lock to achieve, can be recycled back to the processing production, high cost performance, won't produce more waste of materials.     Conclusion: & emsp;   That is about 'what are the typical features of aluminium alloy door lock' introduced, aluminium alloy door lock has become popular by people of a kind of door lock, it not only has a beautiful appearance, and the price is very economical, and durable, is level and use a double online appearance, sales of natural won't be a problem, the public also more willing to buy this kind of material of door lock.
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