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What are the typical features of smart door lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-15
Smart door lock is to point to, from the traditional mechanical lock on the basis of the improvement in security, user identification, manageability is more intelligent handle locks. So you know smart door lock what are the characteristics? Smart locks the characteristics of the concrete is introduced as follows: 1, the convenience of smart lock difference from general mechanical lock, with automatic induction locking system, he will automatically sensing the door is closed, the system will automatically lock; Fingerprint lock in commonly used password/function such as fingerprint registration is not convenient. 2, security, general combination lock with password leaked danger. Smart also has the function of virtual a password lock, or behind or in front of the registered password, you can enter any number as a password, effectively prevent leakage registration password. 3, intelligent lock security differs from that of the previous 'first open again scanning', scanning mode is very simple, put his fingers in the screening of top-down above the scan can, without the finger scans, greatly reduce the possibility of a fingerprint is copied, exclusive to safety. 4, interactive intelligence door lock built-in embedded processors and the wisdom to monitor such as get into ah, have any time between the tenant and interaction ability, visitors can take the initiative to report on the day of the TV. 5, creative the appearance of the traditional mechanical lock people to it without special care. Intelligent lock not only from the appearance of the design is suitable for the taste of people, and even created like apple's smart feel smart locks. Intelligent locks listed on the stock market has quietly. The main characteristic of the smart door lock is to share these aspects above, now you should know about smart door locks, need smart door lock friend, you can contact us fuyu hardware.
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