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What convenience does smart lock bring us?

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-13
The emergence of smart phones has replaced most of the button phones because it is more convenient to use; the emergence of smart locks will surely replace most traditional mechanical locks. In addition to smart locks being safer, convenience is also a major factor. The emergence of smart locks is a kind of inevitable. Before, or now, we have to keep keys in our pockets, and always beware of losing the keys, mainly because we can’t enter the house; smart locks are not only no longer carry keys, but also give a lot of New features solve many new problems, such as when you are away on business and worry about whether your child will go home on time; when you can't go home to visit your parents often, and you are not at ease with them; when you are not at home and worry about being patronized by thieves... Smart locks can provide you with a good solution. What does the smart lock bring? 1. Healing the obsessive-compulsive disorder that forgot to bring the key. The biggest worry for users of traditional mechanical locks is that you have to bring keys when you enter and leave your house, and you have to bring keys when you go to get off work. Once you forget or lose the key, you May be turned away by the security door. However, if you install a smart lock, you can enter your home easily by entering your fingerprint, swiping your face, or entering your password. 2. With a smart lock, no longer be minded by thieves. In terms of security, smart locks have advantages that traditional locks can’t match. For example, many smart locks support the virtual password function, and multiple or multiple groups can be added before and after the correct password. Garbled, as long as there is a continuous correct password in this set of data, the fingerprint lock can be opened; at the same time, many smart locks also have the function of identifying true and false fingerprints, and the non-living, copied fingerprints cannot open the lock. 3. Bring care to the family. Equipped with smart locks, parents don’t have to worry about children accidentally locking themselves indoors, and they don’t have to worry about children not going home after school or old people going out for a long time. Undoubtedly, it provides a good guarantee for the warmth of the family and establishes a good security link for information communication between entering and leaving the house.
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