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What core elements should be paid attention to when choosing a fingerprint lock?

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-22
Many people don’t know where to start when buying a smart fingerprint lock. In fact, they only need to pay attention to the following 7 elements to know what kind of fingerprint lock to buy!   1. The level of the lock core evaluates the safety of a lock The level, the most important thing is to look at its lock cylinder!    The lock cylinder is generally divided into three levels: A, B, and C. The security level is A level and the A level lock cylinder has the lowest anti-theft level, and the technical unlocking is even less than 1 minute. It can be opened;    Class B lock cylinder has a slightly higher anti-theft level, and it takes 5 minutes to open the lock technically. According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Public Security, as long as the thief cannot complete the technical unlocking within 3 minutes, more than 90% of them will give up continuing the theft and persuade the thief from a technical perspective.   The technical unlocking of the C-level lock cylinder even takes more than 270 minutes to open. The anti-theft level is the highest, and it is also the most recommended to buy.  2. Unlocking method   There are generally many optional opening methods for smart fingerprint locks, such as WiFi temporary password unlocking, digital password unlocking, card unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, and spare key unlocking.   It is worth mentioning that the CPU card unlocking used is different from the traditional IC card unlocking. The integrated circuit in the CPU card contains a microprocessor, a storage unit and a chip operating system, which is equivalent to a microcomputer. Therefore, the safety factor of the CPU card is higher, and others cannot copy the CPU card like an IC card. Smart fingerprint locks generally have a password unlocking function, most of which can be set with 4-digit, 6-digit and 8-digit passwords, with at least 10 sets of password memory functions, and even some smart fingerprint locks with higher safety factors can achieve hundreds of password memories. It is more user-friendly to set separate relatively easy-to-remember passwords for different family members.   The more secure smart fingerprint lock can have a virtual password design, which can be unlocked by entering a long string of passwords. You can choose to press all the numbers once, as long as the correct password is continuously included in the password string, the lock can be unlocked, which can prevent anyone from peeping or guessing the preset unlock password to the greatest extent.   In addition, the fingerprint lock with WiFi networking function can also be unlocked by remote WiFi temporary password, which is convenient for friends and relatives who visit temporarily when you are not at home.   The more unlocking modes of the smart fingerprint lock, the more it can cover the usage habits of multiple family members, and it is relatively more user-friendly.  3. Fingerprint technology   I previously introduced to you the three fingerprint unlocking technologies currently used in smart fingerprint locks, namely traditional optical recognition technology, semiconductor technology, and multi-dimensional fingerprint recognition technology. Relatively speaking, it is recommended to buy a smart fingerprint lock with a higher safety factor, that is, a multi-dimensional fingerprint recognition technology developed on the semiconductor technology fingerprint recognition technology. On the one hand, it does not leave fingerprints, on the other hand, the recognition accuracy is higher, and it integrates biological The sensor module can prevent fake fingerprints from the fingerprint film.  4. The security module inside the door    In addition to unlocking from the lock cylinder, inserting a tool from the cat’s eye is also one of the ways for the thief to unlock the lock. An excellent smart fingerprint lock, the internal module of the door should be able to prevent thieves from opening the lock with a design that is different from traditional mechanical locks.   For families with pets, it should also have the function of preventing the pet from opening the door accidentally. In addition, families with children should have child safety locks to prevent children from accidentally unlocking and opening the door.  5. Door lock voice prompt    The safety factor of smart door locks with voice prompts will be further improved.   When the door is not closed tightly when the door is closed, it will sound a reminder, which can take the initiative to prevent the low-level mistake of forgetting to close the door.   When the thief enters the wrong password for many times, a high-pitched sound of the wrong password input and lock the door can make the thief retreat.   If the thief uses a violent lock picking method, sounding a high-pitched alarm and sending the warning to the owner, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the family and property in the room in time.   When the battery of the door lock is low, it will sound a reminder to remind the user to replace the battery in time, always maintain the best working condition, and ensure that you can go home without a key throughout the year.  6. u200bu200bReal-time monitoring of door lock status   Generally speaking, with WiFi networking, fingerprint locks will have many more practical functions.   When you are not at home, friends and family come to visit, you can open the door by sending a one-time WiFi remote password without telling the fixed password to ensure the security of the door lock.   In addition, the networked door lock can also send the door opening and closing records to the bound mobile phone in real time, so that you can know the working status of the door lock in real time when you are not at home.   It is recommended to buy a smart fingerprint lock with WiFi networking function, which has a relatively higher safety factor. 
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