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What does the lock company tell you is card lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-26
A new way of burglary is to use the card to unlock the door for burglary. The house is specially selected for the residents who have not locked the door. 'The card unlocking is simple and fast, and the sound is very small.' Criminals who choose this method of unlocking often start after midnight. Now Haikou unlock, for everyone to science, what is the card unlock, how to prevent the card unlock. In front of Haikou, master Huang unlocked the door, saying that the card unlocking is mainly aimed at the households whose houses are not locked. That is to say, the thief only uses the card to put pressure on the locking tongue of the unlocked houses, so as to achieve the purpose of entering the house illegally. In other words, there is no technical content in using cards to unlock. In order to prevent card unlocking and burglary, we mainly rely on the security ability of the public friends. The company now reminds you that as long as the door is locked with a key or manually, no powerful card can open the door. But if you go to bed with the door gently, no matter how strong the lock is, this thin card can easily squeeze or pull out the lock tongue from the lock library, thus opening the door smoothly
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