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What inspections and tests must the smart lock go through before leaving the factory to ensure the quality

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-19
For a good company, the most important function of the company is to create customer satisfaction. As the smart lock industry that protects the personal and property safety of consumers, lock-making companies need to be a socially responsible company to produce products that consumers can buy with confidence. Due to the rapid development of the smart lock industry and the lack of uniform standards in the industry, many smart lock companies often neglect the inspection and testing of their products before they leave the factory. Because some quality problems may be hidden, it is impossible to tell whether there is a quality problem just by the naked eye. But when consumers buy it home and use it for a few months or longer, it is revealed. The final result is to hurt consumer trust and corporate brand reputation. Therefore, to ensure stable quality of any product, it is inseparable from quality inspection and testing and certification by authoritative organizations. What are the industry standards for smart lock detection? At present, there are three main domestic smart lock standards: 1. 'GA 374-2001 Standard for Electronic Anti-theft Locks' issued in 2001; 2. 'GA 701-2007 General Technical Requirements for Fingerprint Anti-theft Locks' issued in 2007; 3. Issued in 2012 'JG/T 394-2012 General Technical Requirements for Building Intelligent Locks'. When my country formulated relevant industry standards, the main consideration was the overall technology and production level of domestic enterprises. Nowadays, domestic smart locks have greatly improved in terms of technology and production, and 'GA 374-2001 electronic anti-theft locks Standards and GA 701-2007 General Technical Requirements for Fingerprint Anti-theft Locks were both released ten years ago, and some are lagging behind the industry level. New standards are urgently needed. For smart locks, the most important inspection standard is the factory inspection standard, and the factory inspection standard locks the free behavior of the enterprise. At present, for many small factories, they do not have their own inspection and testing laboratories. Since its establishment, Fuyu regards quality as the soul of enterprise development and survival. For more than 30 years, Fuyu has continuously introduced precision machinery manufacturing technology and high-tech inspection equipment to ensure product quality. In the testing process, Fuyu Hardware Co., Ltd. requires that each product must undergo pre-process inspection, process inspection, and post-process inspection. Pass the 100 grid test, durability test, hardness test, two copper test, color difference analysis test, delay test, faint test and salt spray test and other series of tests to ensure that the quality is foolproof. The Liushun Tianyan smart cloud locks under Fuyu Hardware are designed and selected according to the design life of more than 10 years, and the batch tests are simulated according to the overall durability life of the European standard of 200,000 times.
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