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What is a mute door lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-17
Mute door lock is in the door lock tongue and the handle of the metal solid core coated with a layer of plastic, all of us at the time of open close the door, in the market are mainly oblique tongue mute door lock, nylon roller type magnetic suction mute mute tongue locks and lock of the three types. Below small make up for all the specific share the three types of locks: 1, the roller type oblique tongue mute roller door lock tongue mute door lock at the time of design, is in the inclined tongue and add one or two like the same small roller bearing, the characteristics of the wheel rotation is mainly used to reduce the tongue on the inclined tongue and door when closed box box of the clash of metal frame, so as to achieve mute effect. 2, magnetic suction mute door lock this type of mute door lock is mainly by using the theory of magnetic lock tongue can retract automatically, so as to solve the mechanical lock physical collision and produce large acoustic noise problem. This kind of door lock design not only avoid the lock tongue and doors and locks gusset plate collision, also avoid walking from the door leaf next to the locked when the embarrassment of tongue hang clothes is the ideal mute door lock. 3, nylon latch mute door lock this mute door lock is mainly adopts the design of spherical embedded on the inclined tongue high strength nylon or ABS material, greatly reduce collisions with gusset plate of metal surface, effectively reduce the lock tongue when opening and closing contractions in noise and crash, is the upgrade version of roller type inclined tongue mute door lock, has been accepted by the public. In general with distance model on the new locks will distance model by the door with adhesive plaster can determine the location of the hole. All of us at the time of operation mute door lock, we can choose the above the door lock, choose to suit our door lock that we all need to do.
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