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What is a smart electronic lock? How to choose a household electronic lock?

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-09
The so-called smart electronic lock refers to integrated products such as electronic technology, integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components, and a variety of innovative identification technologies (including computer network technology, built-in software cards, biometrics, network alarms, and mechanical design of lock bodies). . It is an inevitable trend for smart locks to replace mechanical locks. We have reason to believe that smart locks will lead the better development of China's lock industry with its unique technical advantages, allowing more people to use them in more occasions with confidence, and also let Our future is more secure.   Nowadays, the products have captured the user's preference of 'color controlBut locks are different from general consumer goods, it involves personal safety and property safety issues. So how the lock cylinder is the key dimension you should consider. As far as appearance is concerned, whether it looks good or not has really nothing to do with whether it is anti-theft.   Although there are various high-precision functions, the essence of electronic locks is still a lock. According to the lock core level, the locks can be divided into A-level locks, B-level locks and C-level locks (called B+ level in some places).  A-level lock cylinder: The internal structure of the A-level lock cylinder is very simple, only when changing the bomb, the groove is shallow. The anti-tech opening time is 1 minute, and the mutual opening rate is extremely high. The structure of the bullet is a single row or cross lock.   Class B lock cylinder: Class B lock keys are flat keys with double rows of marble slots. The difference from Class A locks is that there is a row of curved and irregular lines on the surface of the key. More secure than Class A locks.   C-level lock cylinder: the safest lock at present. The key shape is a single-sided blade with internal milling grooves. The external milling groove keys can also be in the form of double rows + blades. The lock cylinder type is a side column lock cylinder. One thousand six percent). With double-row blades and V-shaped side column lock structure, if the lock cylinder is opened with a forcible twister, the inside of the lock cylinder is destroyed, self-explosive and locked and cannot be opened.   In addition, through the shape of the key, we can quickly identify the level of the lock we are currently using:    You might as well take a look. If you have a Class C lock at home and there is no strong need to change the lock, I think you can maintain the status quo. But if your house has A or B class locks, especially A locks, it is recommended that individuals can replace them.   At present, the anti-theft level of qualified electronic lock products is basically equivalent to or even higher than that of Class C locks. In addition, electronic locks are more convenient than traditional locks, so more and more users begin to choose electronic locks.  ②Teach you to choose the correct combination lock.   For students who want to change electronic locks, although this type of product has been iterated repeatedly in technology, it has not been a long time to enter the civilian consumer market after all. Therefore, it is inevitable that there will be some mistakes in the selection.
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