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What is a smart lock phantom password? What's the use of it? |

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-09
In daily life, the password application more and more widely, from computers to mobile phones to the combination lock in the home, everywhere. However, there are a lot of people have such worry: fixed password combination lock is really safe? In reality, all sorts of decoding method, let our intelligent life difficulties. For combination lock, some users have raised the question: the secret of the combination lock is fixed, if at the time of open the door, have the thief hid himself in the corner, peeping down several times, secretly took down my password combination lock push order, so, next time I'm not, he can easily burglary. That sounds really bad, for users of these concerns, we introduced zhuo in smart home safer 'phantom password technology', completely solve peeping password hidden trouble. 'Phantom password technology', it is in the correct password before and after plus any digit Numbers, as long as there is for the correct password to open the door, so it can effectively prevent the password leakage. Just change the real password or order, or before and after the middle insert multiple digital can realize the lock. Correct password if it is 123456, for example, when input can join ( 8) ( 6) ( 7) 123456 ( 0) ( 2) ( 3) , pay attention to join the other Numbers are shown in brackets. Phantom password than fixed password, its security level is higher, harder to see, so password leak less risky, increased at length, every time a change in input password, can greatly increase the security of the password, the thief or burglar harder to obtain real password. The phantom password have maximum limit? Is some, this depends on the intelligence door lock manufacturers to set up the length of the password, the password restrictions are longest 20, for example, a less bit passwords and password of the total length of not more than 20. Compared with the fixed password, phantom password technology is more secure, but does not crack? Phantom cryptography next higher security level, and there is still a leak risk, through repeatedly watched the password input, the password can be digital integration comparison, find out the intersection between array, thus acquiring real password lock code. False password security is relative, therefore, when the user input and more trouble, slightly increased input efficiency and difficulty, but keep in mind that if the original password, these small problems can be largely ignored. The safety of the combination lock is not high, therefore, the fingerprint lock or other biometric smart lock is at the heart of the fingerprint lock or other identification, password lock, generally as a side function, biometric security is higher, is also one of the important development direction of intelligent lock. At present the most intelligent lock on market have a variety of lock function, demand for security, door lock with phantom password technology is the first choice for buying. When in normal use, also suggest multi-purpose, mobile phone remote control methods such as fingerprint lock, with or without password lock, less mechanical key to open the lock, etc.
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