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What is BAT's intention to rob the entrance of the internet of things?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-08
[Introduction] On May 22, Ding Zhi intelligent teamed up with Baidu Security to officially launch the smart door lock, which will also be held today at the first Asian Consumer Electronics Show (CES)Appeared on the market, competing with various intelligent hardware for eyeballs. When Baidu's intelligent hardware was in full swing, Tencent, which had not moved for a long time, finally got involved in this market. Not long ago, Tencent announced the launch of TOS' Intelligent Hardware open platform strategy and release of Tencent OS system. The platform connects intelligent hardware vendors with application developers, and the intelligent hardware connected to the ecosystem can share Tencent's account system and content service resources. In addition, we saw that Ali only integrated smart cloud, Taobao crowdfunding and Tmall electric city last month to form the intelligent life division. Tencent's strategy of connecting everything has two centers, WeChat and QQ. Around QQ and WeChat, Tencent has QQ Internet of Things'And WeChat hardware'Two platforms. At present, a noteworthy action is that Tencent QQ and Shenzhen Unicom have launched wo? QQ Internet of Things card' This is the communication module USIM card, traffic, Tencent QQ IoT SDK' To create network access software and hardware solutions for intelligent hardware devices. More specifically, the supporting resources invested by QQ internet of things to the intelligent hardware start-up team include: first, to access user traffic resources for hardware manufacturers, secondly, it includes free cloud services, free scheme design, free publicity and promotion, and free entrepreneurial environment. Tencent QQ IoT' The strategy of the intelligent hardware platform is to realize the connection angle between people and hardware, and plan to connect the design, product research and development, hardware production and sales channels in the industrial chain to pave the way for its own ecological strategy. This reveals Tencent's attitude and strategy. Instead of doing hardware, it cooperates with the upstream and downstream of the intelligent hardware industry chain to establish an intelligent hardware ecology, which is an important part of Tencent's connection strategy. At present, the key problem is that almost every intelligent hardware is an independent ecology, and hardware, data and applications are independent, it is more difficult to build an intelligent hardware ecosystem than to build an ecosystem based on the Internet itself, which is also a common problem faced by BAT. For Tencent, its advantages lie in users and traffic, social portal, entrepreneurs docking Tencent's QQ Internet of Things platform, can quickly connect to the Internet, quickly reach users, according to Tencent vice president Qiu Yuepeng said: these are the advantages of Tencent, and said that it is necessary to reduce the cost of production and use of intelligent hardware by enterprises and users in terms of tariffs, and reduce investment in internet of things connections, let enterprises focus on doing what they are best. However, Tencent's strategy has also encountered many competitors. In China, from Baidu, Ali, to Xiaomi and Jingdong, all of them are building intelligent hardware platforms. From the perspective of the three BAT Giants, because they control the search, e-commerce and social portals respectively, they have the advantages of huge users, traffic and distribution channels. For intelligent hardware entrepreneurs, everyone hopes to connect users and platforms through BAT's online channels. Therefore, all three should open interfaces and data cloud services, open data and ecology, technology and interfaces, and extend the ecological boundary of their core businesses and capabilities. We can see from the layout of BAT smart home. On 2014, Alibaba and Midea jointly released the internet of things smart air conditioner, and Baidu also took a stake in the smart home enterprise Haiyan technology, its core product is home intelligent remote control products. Last year's WeChat partner conference showed the use of WeChat remote control air conditioning and TV. It can be seen that BAT's entry into the smart home field involves hardware, cloud services and smart terminals. The advantages of BAT's big three are cloud services and intelligent terminals. They understand users and are good at Internet thinking and cloud technology, including data storage, computing and mining capabilities. Judging from their core advantages, Baidu's advantages lie in the huge traffic and data information flow with search as the core. Baidu's layout in the intelligent hardware ecology was relatively early, and the BaiduInside cooperation plan was launched early and the dulife platform was launched for the health monitoring field. Open up data and services, trying to build the central brain of intelligent hardware. Baidu Inside' It provides Baidu Cloud storage cloud computing resources, as well as API output by Baidu technology, and can output many technical capabilities such as speech recognition, image recognition, LBS and video decoding. «1 2»
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