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What is holding the hand lock, and knowledge of hand lock detail - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-15
Hold hand lock is also called the handle locks, up from using spatial points have door of hand lock and indoor door lock, common materials are: stainless steel, zinc alloy, pure copper and aluminum alloy, in order to match and home repair, hand lock handle is designed into various shapes, have split and one-piece, residential area, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels that can see. In order to beautiful and durable, commonly used in high-grade hand lock to the electroplating process, the handles and panel surface composite plating material, make the door lock is more durable and beautiful.     A hand lock internal structure: a complete hand lock is usually made of: packing box, screw, hex socket wrench, door stopper, hinge, keys, lock body, panels, door handles, locks. Every component can use different materials, a cost-effective hold hand lock: usually handle use zinc alloy material, panel use stainless steel material, using pure copper lock core, hardware fittings choose stainless steel or pure copper, such collocation is not only more affordable, and high quality.     A hand lock installation: & emsp;   1, wooden door opening, common lock from the ground 1 meter or so, but according to the actual height of family members. ( A hand lock hole, hole must be in accordance with the drawings, can neither big nor small, otherwise will affect the actual installation)     2, according to open the door head, adjust the direction of the handle and lock tongue, adjustment is completed, will lock body into the hole, with screws.     3, install the lock, lock lock into the body inside the square hole and fixed on the front panel two hex socket screws, spin lock core, observe whether smooth.     4, test of hand lock can normal open for many times, can be normal open the door, locked.     Hand lock maintenance: and other metal products, improper use or duration of long hard to avoid problems, and hold hand lock needs regular maintenance, increasing the use of time.     1, regular use dry cloth to remove dirt or grease on the surface of the hand lock, nurturance often wipe, maintain good habits.     2, if feel lock turn not sensitive, moderate pencil ash is put inside to the keyhole, and then plug in the key turning, repeated many times, can be solved.     Normally, a hand lock is matched with wooden door sales, that is to say, when to buy room door, door lock has been installed, actually if it is a custom wooden door, then install what style door lock can undertake choosing according to oneself to like.
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